Tips for Government Contractors to Navigate the 2021 Administration Transition

January 14, 2021

The beginning of the Biden Administration will mark a turning point in many ways, none the least of which is the impact it will have on government spending, acquisition and contracting. A new administration means new policies and new ways of doing business, which can lead to more potential revenue for growth-minded companies pursuing opportunities with the government.

How does a change of administration impact contracting? In general, presidential transitions can impact human capital, budgets, programs and acquisition, and reveal short-term needs in various industries that businesses can prepare for in advance. It can take a year or more for this impact to be fully felt, meaning that now is the time for government contracting leaders to begin preparing.

To empower business development specialists and strategic planners involved in government contracting to best prepare themselves for the Biden Administration, GovWin’s team of market experts has put together a wealth of resources to help navigate the transition and the initial days of the new administration – starting with this can’t-miss report.


Impact of the Administration Transition, 2020-2021

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The report examines the impact this transition is likely to have on the government contracting environment. Readers will learn about the incoming administration’s priorities, discover strategies to help navigate this time of change, and assess changes in budget, leadership and political appointees that could impact federal contracting and the federal marketplace at large.

On top of that, GovWin’s Director of Federal Analysis Deniece Peterson will be presiding over a timely (and complimentary!) webinar, 2021 Administration Transition: Impacts and Implications for Government Contractors, that covers these important themes in greater detail. The webinar is hosted live on January 21, and after that will be available for free on-demand viewing at any time. The session will cover crucial topics such as what contractors should be looking for in the first 100 days of the administration, along with expected positive impacts for small businesses and minority-owned businesses that are set to take shape with the incoming Biden administration, so this is one session not to miss.

Looking for a preview? Peterson, along with GovWin’s Sr. Director of Research, Carey Webster, recently sat down to discuss their thoughts on the impending transition and the overall state of the federal contracting market, in an exclusive, information-packed fireside chat that you can watch below.

Keys for Government Contractors to Know about the 2021 Administration Transition

The Biden Administration’s near-term priorities will address a wide variety of policy changes that require immediate attention, including the government’s ongoing COVID-19 response, economic recovery, national security, immigration and climate change. With such a wide variety of areas likely to see significant change in priorities and spending habits, proactive businesses would be wise to keep up to date with all of the changes occurring in the market.

Our analysts have the most insight into news and policy changes across the federal and SLED (state, local and education) government market. They are continuing to track updates that will impact businesses in the Administration Transition Resource Center, a free portal housed within the GovWin IQ platform designed to help government contractors understand business impacts related to the Biden Administration.

We’ve included a sampling of that recent analysis below. These resources highlight key topics such as how the most current stimulus impacts state and local spending, what the Biden Administration’s plans for education might be, and much more.

Now that your business is armed with the latest information on the administration transition, you’ll be ready to best prepare yourself (and your firm) for the year ahead. Businesses ready to capitalize on these new opportunities should make sure to evaluate their business development strategy and connect with the right people in order to power their pipeline and win more government contracts.