Deltek Costpoint and Ajera Excel in User Adoption, Securing Top G2 Summer Rankings

June 23, 2023
Deltek ERP Highest User Adoption

Deltek has once again demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence. In addition to being named a Project-Based ERP Leader in G2’s Summer 2023 rankings and reports, we are thrilled that Deltek has achieved the highest user adoption ratings for Deltek Ajera and Deltek Costpoint. These industry-leading solutions outperformed competitors and earned G2’s highest user adoption rankings for Accounting and Project-Based ERP Implementation. These achievements reflect Deltek's dedication to delivering exceptional user experiences and supporting the unique needs of project-based businesses.

Deltek Ajera Shines as the Preferred Choice for Project-Based ERP, Accounting Implementation

In the fiercely competitive G2 landscapes of Project-Based ERP Implementation and Accounting Software Implementation, Deltek's Ajera has emerged as the frontrunner, securing the highest user adoption rating on G2 for the overall (project-based ERP) and SMB (accounting) categories. Ajera's feature-rich platform empowers architecture and engineering firms to streamline their operations, enhance project visibility, and drive profitability. Its intuitive user interface, robust project accounting tools, and comprehensive resource management capabilities make it the preferred choice for growing businesses seeking efficient accounting and project-based ERP implementations.


“Ajera's strongest feature is real-time integration. When an employee applies time to a job, Ajera immediately makes an entry recording the revenue, WIP, and accrued cost. It has made all the difference in the world in how we manage our firm.”

– G2 Deltek Ajera Customer Reviewer


Deltek Costpoint Excels in SMB Project-Based ERP Implementation

Deltek Costpoint also has solidified its position as a leader in the SMB Project-Based ERP Implementation category, securing the highest user adoption rating on G2 for Summer 2023. Costpoint's comprehensive functionality, tailored specifically for government contractors, enables organizations to manage projects, track costs and ensure compliance effectively. With its user-friendly interface, scalability, and powerful financial analysis capabilities, Deltek Costpoint empowers businesses small and large to achieve operational excellence and make informed decisions that drive growth.


“Costpoint is a user-friendly software that provides all the functionality required for government contractors.”

– G2 Deltek Costpoint Reviewer


Deltek's success in achieving the highest user adoption ratings is the result of our customer-centric approach. We consistently seek customer feedback, conduct usability testing, and invest in research and development to create software solutions that truly meet the evolving needs of project-based businesses. By placing users at the center of our development efforts, we ensure that our products deliver exceptional experiences and drive tangible business outcomes. Deltek prides itself on being easy to access, easy to use, easy to understand and easy to do business with.

Harnessing the Power of the Deltek Community

We owe this industry recognition to our vibrant and engaged community of customers. Your invaluable feedback, insights, and support have contributed to our solutions’ improvement and success. As Deltek continues to focus on customer-centric innovation, project-based organizations can confidently rely on our solutions to streamline operations, optimize project management, and achieve growth objectives. We are grateful for the trust and partnership we share with Deltek Project Nation and will continue to listen, learn, and evolve to meet its ever-changing demands.


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