Deltek’s GovCon Solutions Continue to Outrank the Competition on G2

December 21, 2023
G2 Winter Leader 2024

G2, a business software and services review site, recently released its Winter 2024 Grid Reports® − and Deltek has once again been recognized among the best software solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and government procurement!

Deltek Costpoint, the industry-leading solution for government contractors (GovCon), earned a record 18 G2 badges for different categories this quarter ─ including Overall Leader, Enterprise Leader, Momentum Leader and Americas Regional Leader for ERP Systems and Project-Based ERP. Costpoint was also recognized for its ease of implementation and user adoption, especially for small businesses and mid-market customers, who have praised its functionality, scalability and support.

Purpose-built for the GovCon industry, Deltek helps contractors of all sizes, enabling them to win new clients, manage project profitability and improve client satisfaction. In addition to being a Leader, Deltek Costpoint also received recognition from our small business customers, including Highest User Adoption of any software vendor in both ERP Systems and Project-Based ERP categories.

Deltek GovWin IQ, the premier market intelligence platform for government contractors, was awarded the sole Leader badge for Government Procurement, demonstrating its unmatched value and quality for the GovCon community. GovWin IQ helps government contractors find, manage and win more opportunities in the public sector, with access to the most comprehensive and timely data, insights and analysis.

The G2 badges earned this quarter directly reflect the positive feedback from Deltek Project Nation, who have been using our award-winning solutions for more than 40 years. It’s an honor and a privilege to help customers of any size achieve their goals by providing solutions that maximize productivity at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Costpoint G2 Winter Leader 2024

Why Deltek Costpoint & GovWin IQ Are Better Than the Competition

Government contractors today are facing challenging market conditions like rising labor costs, supply chain uncertainties and evolving compliance and cybersecurity requirements that make it difficult to keep costs down and remain competitive. 

One of the most important aspects of becoming a government contractor is complying with the many federal rules and regulations. This includes having accounting systems that are compliant with DCAA regulations and performing contract audits for the Department of Defense and many other Federal agencies. While we can’t change market conditions or complex requirements, we can help position government contractors for success with Deltek’s project-based ERP and market intelligence solutions.


"Costpoint helps take your company to the next level."

– G2 Reviewer, Deltek Costpoint User


For more than four decades, Deltek Costpoint has been the trusted solution for government contractors to successfully grow their businesses, develop their pipelines and increase their sales to the government. This comprehensive solution provides real-time insight into business processes that enable automation and improve operational efficiency. And our integrated, mobile-friendly and DCAA-compliant features allow government contractors to manage their time and expense tracking in one easy-to-use solution. Costpoint’s reputation and performance have been validated by the recent G2 Grid Reports®, proving that Deltek Costpoint is still the preferred choice for many government contractors who value quality, reliability and innovation.

Deltek’s GovWin IQ solution equips project-based businesses with the essential market intelligence and client management solutions that help find and win government contracts. The ability to win new business is vital to the success of any government contractor. Thanks to Deltek Costpoint’s seamless integration with GovWin IQ, businesses can identify opportunities pre-solicitation, pursue deals faster and plan strategically to get ahead of the competition. By integrating our Costpoint ERP, which centralizes opportunity and contract data across the entire lifecycle, with a market intelligence and opportunity identification software, users can reduce data entry, automate the management and administration of government contracts and provide the contract manager a streamlined solution for managing contracts.


"GovWin has been a game changer for us."

– G2 Reviewer, GovWin IQ User


So, whether you are a large contractor or a small business just starting out, with Deltek Costpoint and GovWin IQ you can spend less time and resources preparing for audits and focus on what matters ─ winning business and successfully delivering on government contracts.

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