Elevate Efficiency with an Enhanced Web-Based Experience and Resource Planning Power

June 28, 2024
Dan Distefano
Dan DiStefano
Sr. Director, Product Strategy
Elevate Efficiency with an Enhanced Web-Based Experience and Resource Planning Power

At Deltek, we’re heavily invested in making our ERP software easy to use without compromising power or quality. With that in mind, at Deltek ProjectCon 2023, we provided insight into our exciting plans to leverage purposeful innovation to make the project lifecycle smarter and Deltek Maconomy even more powerful.

One of the most exciting innovations in Maconomy is the new user experience (UX) designed to make your work easier and more enjoyable. As we continue our phased approach to move to a fully web-based solution and retire the workspace client in 2025, the latest release of Maconomy version 2.6.3 enhances your user experience by bringing more core financial functionality and usability improvements to the Web Client.

Here are some key highlights of Maconomy 2.6.3:

Project Manager Time & Expense Approval Workspace

Maconomy 2.6.3 delivers more support for project manager workflows. An example of this is the new Time & Expense Approval workspace, which provides the project manager with an overview of open time and/or expense registrations on a project and the ability to quickly get the entries approved and ready for invoicing.

Time & Expense ApprovalStreamline month-end for project managers with Maconomy’s new time & expense status


Maconomy Help Center

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Time and Expense Status Workspaces for Month-End Closing

Maconomy 2.6.3 adds more back-office functionality to the web client. An important new feature is the Time and Expense Status workspace, which enables the finance department to process open time and expense sheets as part of the month-end process in an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Expense StatusSimplify month-end with Maconomy's new intuitive workspace

Improved User Experience

With more users moving from the old user interface to the web client, Deltek strives towards continuously improving the user experience. Maconomy 2.6.3 adds an abundance of new usability features and configuration options; including, but not limited to:

  • A new and simplified menu navigation and menu search improving the experience for users with a large Menu
  • A customization option to open a workspace in the List View rather than in the Details View
  • The ability to run large analyzer reports with the removal of the 5000 lines limitation in the very popular Web Analyzer


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