Engage Applicants and Reduce Acquisition Costs with Talent Relationship Management

February 08, 2023
Talent Management

As a result of the Great Resignation, more than 50 million workers quit their jobs in 2022, which exponentially increased the competition for skilled talent. But regardless of economic conditions, a proactive recruiting strategy to find the best talent is critical at any time. Deltek Talent Management can help your company build a stronger talent pipeline, populate Talent Pools, and reach the key talent you need to staff your next big project. While most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on the market have a candidate relationship management (CRM) add-on available for purchase, Deltek Talent Management includes a Talent Relationship Management feature as part of the Acquisition module for no additional cost.

This Talent Relationship Management feature deepens the recruiter/candidate relationship by leveraging ongoing communication via drip campaigns to Talent Pools, which keeps candidates engaged and informed. This type of continuous communication around things like job fairs, future projects and general company announcements helps to share your organization’s culture. It also provides the foundation project-focused companies need to maintain healthy talent pipelines that facilitate quick onboarding for future workforce requirements.

Benefits to Having a Talent Pool

If you are not currently building and maintaining Talent Pools, you may be missing a huge opportunity to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your recruiting engine, and thus your bottom line. According to the 2022 Deltek Clarity Studies for the A&E and Government Contracting industries, 78% of A&E firms and 53% of Government Contractors report that finding and retaining talent is one of their top financial challenges. Talent Pools help by flagging candidates that you want to stay in touch with for future opportunities. When that next project is won and you need to quickly scale the workforce, you will have the opportunity to tap into potential candidates with whom you have already established credibility.

As evidenced by Recruitment.com, “…just because a given role was not right for a candidate, that does not mean your company as a whole is not a fit. Chances are, a role will cross your desk, and it will be an ideal match for a past candidate.” Having a strong Talent Pool, with which you’ve maintained an ongoing relationship through regular communication, will improve your ability to fill that role appropriately and quickly.

What happens when someone leaves unexpectedly and there’s no succession plan in place to fill the role? This is where having a pipeline of quality candidates is critical, and your company can fill the gap sooner rather than later. There is nothing worse than having to delay a project start date because you don’t have the right people to staff it!

Creating a Talent Pool

Talent Pools can be created in advance, allowing you to add resumes as they are reviewed and file them for future reference. When an appealing resume piques your interest, you don’t have to navigate away from that interesting candidate, you can simply create a new Talent Pool for them on the fly.

Talent Pools enable you to keep lists of candidates with specific requirements, helping you stay in touch with those job seekers with email communication. These lists can be generated manually or through the use of search agents that automatically add to the list.

Talent Pool

Keep a list of job seekers in a Talent Pool to facilitate easy communication

No one wants to spend months finding, attracting, and hiring candidates. But respondents of our Clarity Surveys report that some roles are taking 2-3 months to fill. When time is money, the length of the recruiting cycle can have a significant impact on your bottom line. The real key to successful talent acquisition is speed. The ability to easily review candidates, engage in conversations and perform the necessary interviews, convert the best candidates to new hires, and get those new hires billable faster are underlying parts of the bigger picture.

Setting Up Campaigns

The value of having a Talent Pool of potential candidates is that you can keep them engaged with your organization through regular communication. The Talent Relationship Management (TRM) feature leverages drip campaigns to those Talent Pools to inform candidates about future projects and job openings for which they would be interested in applying.

When creating a TRM Campaign, you can create letter templates prior to or while managing the campaign that work similarly to other letter templates and can include merge codes to personalize the messages being delivered. You can set up the details of the campaign, including which pools, employees, or candidates the campaign will go out to, and save or edit later at any point during campaign creation. These campaigns can be scheduled for delivery or sent immediately, and you can select the frequency, or between which dates you would like emails sent.

Create Campaigns

Review all the details of your TRM Campaign before sending

Once campaigns have been created (either published, saved to send later, or saved to finish later), you can view all campaigns on one page, similar to the existing Manage Requisitions page.

Manage Campaigns

Manage all your TRM Campaigns in one place

By utilizing the Talent Relationship Management feature included in the Acquisition module of Deltek Talent Management, you can foster engagement with Talent Pools of pre-qualified applicants which helps you:

  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Fill open requisitions faster
  • Get people on projects (and make them billable) faster



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