How Deltek Partners Are Showing Up at Insight 2021

September 13, 2021
Tara Cannon
Product Marketing Manager

Make the most of your Virtual Insight 2021 experience by attending break-out sessions presented by Deltek Partners. Deltek Insight kicks off on September 14th, 2021 and features over 20 break-out sessions from Deltek Partners that focus on extending the power of Costpoint and helping your organization optimize Costpoint usage and delve deeper into advanced Costpoint features. We’ve rounded up a list of Partner sessions below that span across the project life-cycle for Government Contractors and whose topics are especially relevant to Costpoint users.

Accounting and Finance

CPSPON-02 How to Successfully Setup T&M and CPFF Billings in Costpoint and Time Collection IUVO Systems, This session will discuss how a successful billing setup allows for timely and accurate billings while providing insightful reporting and strong cash flow management.

CPSPON-03 How to Setup Projects and Cost Pools in Costpoint to Effectively Manage Contacts – IUVO Systems, In this session you will learn how to setup project and cost allocations in a way that maximizes good management reporting with ease of use, eliminating unnecessary time spent administrating Costpoint.

CPSPON-04 Payment Automation: A Solution for Finance Leaders – NvoicepayThis session will answer your questions about how payment automation can enable an efficient payment process, minimize payment fraud and risk, and save time and costs by offloading manual AP tasks.

CPSPON-17 Post-COVID Trends in Travel – Deem, This session will address impacts companies are seeing coming out of the COVID 19 era and how travelers are managing these impacts.

CPSPON-18 Recognizing When It’s Time to Optimize Your Costpoint Accounting System – Cordia Partners, This session will discuss how an assessment can help identify pain points related to the accounting system and how to address them.

CX-17 RPA - Re-imagining the Human Workforce – Alirrium, This session will review what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is and where RPA can be applied to help your organization. Included in this session is a review of use cases and how to get additional information on RPA.

Compliance and Assessments

CPSPON-01 DCMA Audit Survival - Preparing for Government Property Audits – A2B Tracking, This session will provide an update on Government Property Audits and discuss how A2B Tracking integration with Costpoint provides an unbeatable audit readiness platform.

CPSPON-08 Are You Due for a Costpoint Checkup? – Lexell Blue, LLC, Learn about the process of going through a Costpoint "health check," what areas can be optimized and the typical benefits realized by Costpoint companies large and small that follow a “get well plan.”

CPSPON-09 Stop Crawling and Start Running with a Costpoint Assessment! – Baker Tilly US, LLP, This session will discuss how a Costpoint Assessment can identify areas of improvement including new functionality, re-design recommendations, and business process improvements.             

CPSPON-10 Automation in…Compliance! – Baker Tilly US, LLP, This session will provide an overview of an incurred cost proposal automation tool and a service contract accounting employee pay reconciliation tool.

CPSPON-16 OFCCP Violations Are Painful for Federal Contractors – JobTarget, This session will review the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations as they relate to the required recruitment outreach and analysis of recruitment efforts. It will also discuss how to avoid non-financial conciliation agreements related to recruitment outreach, analysis, and recordkeeping.

CPSPON-20 Identifying and Protecting CUI in IT and Procurement Systems – BDO USA, LLP,  This session will help you learn: how to identify the difference between FCI and CUI data; how to identify CUI residing in Procurement Systems; how to safeguard FCI and CUI data on information systems; and best strategies to safeguard CUI data in procurement systems.

CPSPON-23 Preparing Your CMMC Journey for Success By Outsourcing Risk To the Experts – NeoSystems, Preparing for cybersecurity audits doesn’t have to be arduous, costly or complex, if the right strategy is considered. Outsourcing strategic cybersecurity plans for your business that align with compliance frameworks should be a consideration if your organization doesn’t have in-house, knowledgeable resource.

CPSPON-24 Hybrid Cloud Services: Where Costpoint and Other Applications Meet, Cooperate and Succeed – NeoSystems,    This sessions will discuss a conceptual approach to deploying critical operational assets in a “Hybrid cloud” offering that allows businesses to leverage the best combined and secure environments, while eliminating data gravity and minimizing or avoiding duplication.

CPSPON-25 DCAA Audit? – Don’t Worry Be Happy – Aronson LLC, This session provides real world insight into three of DCAA's most common audits: Accounting System Adequacy, Real-Time Labor Evaluations, and Incurred Cost Submissions FAR guidance.

Business Intelligence

CPSPON-05 Leveraging Your Out of the Box Costpoint Business Intelligence Dashboards – Premier Consulting and Integration, LLC (PCI), Join us for a session to learn the advantages of working in Costpoint’s Business Intelligence Dashboards. Watch us walk through the creation of dashboards that are just waiting to be accessed in your Costpoint environment.

CPSPON-21 Are You Getting the Most out of Costpoint Business Intelligence? – Karki Consulting, This session will go over the basics of how to create a report, create a dashboard, security setup and provide real life examples of reports built for customers to show what’s possible.                    

CPSPON-27 Modern Data Analytics Strategies Leveraging Deltek Costpoint Data Baker Tilly US, LLP, This session will explore best practices in analytics design and deployment to leverage the insights held in Deltek Costpoint and other key business systems while leveraging best in class cloud strategies.


CPSPON-14 Digital Transformation of the Shop Floor using Deltek Costpoint Manufacturing – PDS Consulting Solutions, This session will discuss the process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

CPSPON-15 Maximizing Manufacturing Performance with Dynafact's Advanced Planning and Scheduling for Costpoint – Dynafact Software, In this session you will learn how the tools in Dynafact’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution (DMS) can be applied to maximize your manufacturing capabilities. Using DMS, customers reduce WIP, improve On Time Delivery, and accurately calculate Estimates to Completion (ETC).

CPSPON-26 Streamlining Intercompany Work Orders – Aronson LLC, This session will demonstrate how Costpoint’s Intercompany Work Order module provides a streamlined business process to manage intercompany efforts.             

Mergers and Acquisitions

CPSPON-19 Costpoint M&A Integration Considerations – BDO USA LLP, Learn about key considerations and critical decision points for integration of Deltek Costpoint as part of post-merger integration.     

CPSPON-22 Preparing Your Costpoint System for Acquisition: - Leveraging Costpoint in Making Your Business Acquirable – NeoSystems, This session will cover leading strategies designed to drive acquisition interest based on superior ERP operational performance that can be applied throughout multiple lines of businesses, parent companies and subsidiaries.

Procurement and Supply Chain

CPSPON-06 Subcontractor Management: An Implementation Guide – Infotek Consulting, LLC, This session will provide an overview of the implementation and setup of subcontractor management. It will walk through the vendor and vendor employee setups, how the vendor employees are linked to the project workforce with related project labor categories and finally it will review the subcontractor agreement setups in the purchase order module.

CPSPON-07 Subcontractor Management: Processing and Invoicing Subcontractor Time – Infotek Consulting, LLC, This session will demonstrate how vendor employees enter their time in Time & Expense and will show the similarities and differences in how this process looks for vendor employees.

CPSPON-11 Dealing with Ever-Increasing Supply Chain Risk Requirements – Baker Tilly US, LLP, This session will discuss the government’s increasing supply chain risk requirements and how they are appearing in today’s solicitations and anticipated future changes in tomorrow’s RFPs.

CPSPON-13 Costpoint Procurement - Generation of a Purchase Order from a Requisition – PDS Consulting Solutions, This session will provide an overview of the Costpoint Procurement Cycle including: requisition (PR) material/services demand and approval, purchase order (PO) commitment and vendor contract, how to get from PR to PO and finally how to view reports and inquiries within the process.


This year’s Virtual Insight event offers an All-Access Pass that gives your teams the ability to explore Costpoint breakout sessions by role, schedule one-on-one Meet the Expert sessions, get certified in Costpoint and take part in brain dates for virtual networking with other users. We also offer a Limited-Access Pass designed for attendees interested in attending general sessions with keynote speakers and perusing the Insight XPO, where you can chat with event sponsors to learn about their solutions and services.

We look forward to having you join us for Virtual Insight in September. Click here for information about other can’t-miss Costpoint sessions. Be sure you register today and don’t forget to invite your teams, colleagues, user groups and more to experience Virtual Insight 2021!


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