Deltek Celebrates Construction Appreciation Week

September 18, 2023
Deltek Celebrates Construction Appreciation Week

Every year, Construction Appreciation Week provides an opportunity for us to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible contributions of the construction industry. From towering skyscrapers to intricate bridges, from cozy homes to sprawling infrastructure projects, construction plays an essential role in shaping the world we live in. This annual observance is a time to acknowledge the hard work, dedication and innovation of the construction professionals who transform visions into reality.

Deltek is committed to providing ongoing education to the construction industry through our thought leadership programs such as Construction Accounting University and our partnerships with various industry associations including Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), and Independent Electrical Contractors Association (IEC).

At Deltek, we realize it is critical for construction businesses of all sizes to optimize performance across accounting and project management systems to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. We're proud that our industry-focused products enable contractors to manage costs, improve scheduling and enhance collaboration. With Deltek ComputerEase, purpose-built for the construction industry, we help businesses drive visibility into the complete project lifecycle to achieve performance that enhances internal processes, boosts efficiency and maximizes productivity and revenue.

We are proud that our customers recognize that Deltek is a leader in job cost accounting software. Based on their honest feedback on G2, a website where users can review and compare software products, we’ve earned the following G2 badges for Fall 2023:

  • Project-Based ERP: Overall Easiest Admin and Overall Easiest to Use
  • Construction Project Management: Overall Leader
  • Construction Management: Overall Leader

Hear more from John Meibers, Vice President and General Manager of Deltek ComputerEase, in the video below.

John Meibers

With the third week of September officially marking Construction Appreciation Week, we are excited to celebrate our continued partnership with thousands of construction firms and our collective successes.

CE Construction Infographic


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