Total Agency Management: How TMW UNLIMITED Optimized Project Performance

July 23, 2021

UNLIMITED is a global integrated agency group comprised of four divisions: marketing, communications, insight and analytics, and digital. TMW UNLIMITED, an award-winning agency established in 1987, represents its marketing division.

With more than 600 employees working on creative projects for distinguished global clients, TMW UNLIMITED found itself with a complex setup of disconnected project management tools. This put the agency at risk of reduced efficiency, unnecessary complexity and human error that might have led to less-than-perfect project management and delivery.

By switching to a single, consolidated platform, TMW UNLIMITED was able to streamline its projects and made a real impact on its bottom line. We sat down with TMW UNLIMITED’s Head of Delivery Management, Shakeela Looker, to discuss the agency’s new approach to project and resource management, and shared how leveraging a streamlined solution impacted the efficiency of her agency.

Disparate Tools Create Disconnected Project Teams

At many agencies, teams are often siloed by operating on separate digital platforms. This can ultimately lead to a lack of communication and collaboration, making it difficult to meet client deadlines, especially as projects move through many different stages, from briefings to delivery. “Of course, sometimes things got missed or weren’t updated digitally,” says Shakeela. “Little things like updating a timeline would mean that you also had to update the traffic team, so they could manually move resource bookings. If you forgot to update one person, it could run the risk of slowing the whole project down.”

By implementing Deltek WorkBook, TMW UNLIMITED had the right technology in place to manage all of their agency operations, from creating price quotes and raising invoices to building timelines and managing resources.

“WorkBook played a massive part in streamlining the way we work. It brings everything together, allowing us to be more efficient and really focus on the core of our roles.”

Shakeela Looker, Head of Delivery Management, TMW UNLIMITED

One Tool for End-To-End Visibility and Control

“The biggest pull was that WorkBook was able to connect everything together in a single location and bring consistency,” explains Shakeela.

Deltek WorkBook gave TMW UNLIMITED end-to-end visibility and control of its projects, with all pricing information, schedules, and resource requirements stored in one place. Instead of different teams, each working with their own setup, every department now uses the same platform - which creates a seamless experience for both employees and customers when they collaborate on projects.

“Due to WorkBook, we all have access to one another’s resources and we can share the skillsets among us, meaning we can better service our clients,” says Shakeela. 

That ability to share resources across global offices is helping TMW UNLIMITED remain agile: “By knowing when one of our other offices has extra capacity, we can utilize this resource to add value to our clients’ business.”

After the first six months, Shakeela sent a questionnaire to her teams, asking for feedback on the new software. The response was incredibly positive, with 100 percent of users saying they would recommend Deltek WorkBook to a colleague.


UNLIMITED: Protecting Margins by Optimizing Project Management

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Three Tips from TMW UNLIMITED for Getting the Most Out of Deltek WorkBook

We asked Shakeela to share some lessons from her experience to help other agencies get the most value from the solution. Here are her top three tips:


“People are always resistant to change – it’s in our nature. So, ask Deltek to do a live demo for you, so you can see how WorkBook could be used with your real-life projects. That way, your people can see how well the system joins up, and how different tools could impact their projects. A couple of hours in a demo could save thousands of hours in the future.”


“Spending the time to craft a detailed Price Quote in WorkBook just streamlines everything. It pushes data to help create a schedule and timeline, assign the right people with the right skills, and create matching invoices. And you can go back over time and see how it was broken down and why it was put together in the way it was, which will inform you on your next quote.”


“We didn’t use the built-in chat function to begin with, but as we became more confident, we started using it frequently, instead of email. That means all the correspondence is right there with the project, so the whole team has visibility of a job from start to finish. If anyone goes off sick or on holiday, or another team member is picking up extra work, they can easily see the history of the job.”

Total Management for Agencies and In-House Teams

Deltek WorkBook is designed to offer a complete, end-to-end solution that gives you visibility, collaboration, and control throughout your projects to help modernize your agency and grow even more as an organization

It includes modules for CRM and pipeline management, finance and accounting, and project management, resourcing and collaboration – everything an agency or in-house team needs to streamline their projects. And with an open API, it can integrate seamlessly with your agency’s other business-critical tools as well.


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TMW UNLIMITED is a fully integrated, award-winning agency group with human understanding at its heart. Established in 1987, TMW UNLIMITED combines deep digital expertise, CRM heritage and innovative thinking to create ideas that move people.