HRP Associates Finds Easy, Fast and Low-risk Route to the Deltek Cloud

July 15, 2021
HRP Associates

Moving to the cloud can offer huge benefits, but it also requires careful consideration and work. Luckily, Deltek Vision enterprise resourcing planning (ERP) customers already benefit from a performant system that makes it easy to get firm-wide visibility and tight control of projects. Those who are ready to take Vision to the cloud can save time, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.

However, when we speak to our customers about moving to the cloud, they often have some valid questions:

  • “Will there be any risks or disruptions involved?”
  • “How easy is it to import my data and configurations?”
  • “Will we be able to hit the ground running in the new system?”

In a recent webinar, we sat down with Joe Cardinale, CFO at HRP Associates, to discuss his experience facing these concerns head-on and coming out stronger in the Deltek Cloud. HRP is a multidisciplinary environmental and engineering consulting firm, completing projects in multiple regions. They promise to “move your environment forward,” so naturally they moved their internal systems forward with a cloud migration.

Watch the full webinar detailing HRP's move to the cloud, or explore these four key takeaways for making a rapid, risk-free move to the Deltek Cloud.

1. Migrate in Hours (not weeks)

Moving to the cloud may be perceived as a lot of work, but Deltek helps streamline the process. Deltek handles the heavy-lifting to ensure firms can reach the cloud, fast. Because it’s the same great solution, just in the cloud - your people are already used to the user interfaces and workflows, enabling them to hit the ground running.

“It was a very, very easy process…You’re up and running very fast. Your users won’t even know the difference.”

Joe Cardinale, CFO, HRP Associates

2. Test new environments

When a Deltek customer starts their move to the cloud, Deltek continues supporting their on-premises system for a short period of time. The company is able to have a preview environment and test necessary workflows, reports and daily functions. The ability to test reduces complexity and stress for system users.

You get the confidence that your old system is there to minimize disruption, while you can experiment with new features, workflows and performance in a cloud sandbox before you go live.

“It is very easy now. You don’t have to worry about it in the same way as you do on-prem. Once we found out we can test, there really wasn’t any reason for us not to do it.”

3. Make the most of custom integrations and reports

The Deltek Cloud is designed with extensibility and accessibility in mind to give you the same features you’d expect from our on-premises tools. The custom reports and third-party system integrations you rely on today can all move with you to the cloud.

While we make the move to the Deltek Cloud as easy as possible, there will be some integrations and reports that may  need tweaking – especially in cases where you’re also upgrading to a new version. But, our operations team will always be on hand to help you through the process. Our customers are also pleasantly surprised by how easy the move to the cloud really is.

“We integrate quite heavily with Planifi. When we moved to the cloud, we had to adjust just one thing and it all worked.”

4. Rest easy with infrastructure you can count on

When you move to the cloud, you don’t just move to a faster, more flexible system; you also move to infrastructure that gives you peace of mind.

The Deltek Cloud is no different. It’s based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure that’s renowned for its reliability. Because we backup your database for you and replicate it to a separate data center, you can be sure you have protection across your essential systems.

“In the two years we’ve been in the Deltek Cloud, there hasn’t been a second of downtime.”

Make the move to the Deltek Cloud

Moving your solution to the Deltek Cloud helps you get even more control and visibility, and we help make the move as straightforward as possible.

Watch the webinar to see how Deltek helped a firm just like yours get the full benefits of the cloud, while reducing risk, disruption and stress.


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