HB Projects reduces risk and gains trust in its core infrastructure with Deltek PIM

December 07, 2021
HB Projects reduces risk and gains trust in its core infrastructure with Deltek PIM

Every employee has their own way of working – but as organizations grow, and teams expand, the conflict between different operational processes can quickly get out of hand. And that conflict can have a knock-on effect on client service.

HB Projects is a multi-discipline principal contractor that’s grown significantly over the past decade, working with big-name clients such as, Asda, B&Q, Morgan Motor Company and Morrisons over the years. But during its growth, the company realized they needed improvement on standardized processes and collaboration across its teams.

The company wanted to evolve from its paper-based processes to a more robust, future-proof infrastructure that could help improve project information sharing, and standardize operational processes and communication across the organization.

"The way we worked and communicated rapidly advanced past our yellow network folders. Our outdated processes were starting to impact the way we delivered our projects – we knew it was time to move to a more advanced solution."

Mark Harvey, Procurement Manager at HB Projects

A modern solution for a fast-growing company

HB Projects operates in a wide range of sectors, from retail and commercial to automotive and industrial. Across these industries, it offers a broad range of services across the construction value chain, including principal contractor, pre-construction, disruption management, design, and build, and more. As the company continued to expand its expertise by onboarding new team members and winning new clients, it started to identify challenges across its existing operations.

“The way we worked and communicated rapidly advanced past our yellow network folders. Our outdated processes were starting to impact the way we delivered our projects – we knew it was time to move to a more advanced solution,” says Mark Harvey, Procurement Manager at HB Projects. “This decision wasn’t just made to support our existing staff either. We recognized that our traditional operations could put off new talent, so we needed to adapt to support our growth.”

The company wanted to find a modern project information management system that could improve collaboration across its teams. And importantly, the system needed to meet the unique demands of the market HB Projects operates in. “We knew we wanted a solution that was specific to the construction industry. We weren’t trying to reinvent ourselves, so we needed a partner and solution that could understand and support the nuances of our organization,” explains Mark.

Connected, collaborative teams working from a single source of truth

HB Projects chose Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) because of its ease of use and ability to support the demands of the construction industry. The company uses the information management system as a central location for all project communications, documents, and drawings, offering a single source of truth for the entire company.

“One of the biggest improvements we’ve seen is in the collaboration across our teams,” explains Tabitha Grooby, Business Systems Manager at HB Projects. “We’ve standardized where templates and files are stored, everybody has access to the documents they need, and it’s easier for team members to pick up from where others have left off.”

In the fast-moving construction industry, project requirements can change on a minute-by-minute basis, so quick and easy collaboration is critical for HB Projects’ teams. “Previously, we worked in a shared network location, but it was difficult for our teams to work on the same files – there were risks around ensuring they were working on the correct version. But now, we have robust version control, which ensures accuracy and reduces risk,” says Mark.

Seamless internal processes lead to standout client service

Critically, these internal benefits translate to value for HB Projects’ clients. “With stronger user experiences, we can be more confident we’re delivering the services our clients expect – and having a fully auditable trail across our projects is invaluable,” adds Mark. “Ultimately, it feels more robust than our previous processes.”

HB Projects’ stronger user experience with Deltek PIM means its team members are well-equipped to service their clients’ needs. “Even people in the company who aren’t as IT-savvy as the rest can get the information they need much faster than before,” says Tabitha. “It gives them confidence in front of clients and subcontractors to deliver an efficient, professional service.”

The company uses Deltek’s subcontractor and tender management modules as part of its project delivery process, offering a central location for managing bid documents. It also acts as a place to view key performance metrics, helping teams identify how subcontractors are performing across specific areas to better inform future subcontractor selection. “Performance metrics are also helpful for assessing our subcontractors and identifying which are preferred for specific projects,” says Tabitha.


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Three major benefits from HB Projects’ Deltek system migration

Along with supporting HB Projects’ operational processes, migrating to Deltek has also helped the company realize additional benefits across internal culture, communication, and support. HB Projects reveals three unexpected – but valuable – benefits the team realized upon migrating:

1. HB Projects can prioritize mental health across its company

“We’ve always had a big focus on mental health at HB Projects, and one of the most important factors for us is being able to go on holiday or take the day off sick without worrying about the work you’re leaving behind.

With Deltek, all our projects are in a central location and every team member has access – making it easy for people to pick up where others left off, and taking the pressure off those who need to take time out,” says Tabitha.

2. The company is well-equipped to support home working

“Users embraced the solution which enabled working at home with ease during the COVID-19 pandemic,” explains Tabitha. “It was easy for our teams to communicate and collaborate, and they had access to all the files and information they needed, so it was a smooth transition.”

3. Deltek are on-hand for support at every step

“One of the key benefits for me is the relationships we have with Deltek’s consultants. They’ve been fantastic, and there’s always someone there to breathe life into what you’re thinking and what you want to achieve,” says Mark. “Deltek have also used our input to test new features, so we’re having a direct impact on product development – and that benefits us even more in the long-run.”

Bring your organization together with Deltek

Deltek solutions give project-based businesses the robust infrastructure and capabilities they need to support collaboration, effective communication, and productivity across their teams – and ultimately deliver the best service possible to clients.


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