Apogee Engineering Tackles Compliance Head on with Deltek's Cloud 

March 13, 2024
Apogee Engineering

Apogee Engineering is a government contracting firm specializing in cybersecurity services for various Department of Defense (DoD) organizations and other government entities. Founded in 2004 by three engineers with a vision for a different kind of government contracting, Apogee prides itself on out-of-the-box thinking and a culture of employee and customer focus for excellence. Their mission is to be committed to delivering proven defense and national security solutions that achieve peak performance.

To better help deliver solutions, Apogee Engineering made the transition to Costpoint, delivered in Deltek’s GovCon Cloud Moderate (GCCM) environment in April of 2021. Deltek’s GCCM environment offers additional security features to support Government Contractors’ DFARS contractual requirements and accelerate DCAA/DCMA and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance initiatives. GCCM also provides a secure environment for contractors to manage highly sensitive information, such as Covered Defense Information (CDI) and ITAR data.

The decision to move to Deltek's GCCM environment was driven by the changing security landscape and the need to comply with DoD regulations, particularly pending CMMC requirements. “GCCM is an offering that allows us to not stress or worry about whether our data is being protected for us to meet regulations,” says Josh Reid, Director of Infrastructure Development. With Deltek’s commitment to staying at the forefront of ever-changing security regulations, Apogee Engineering not only feels supported in meeting DoD compliance requirements but also in providing the team with the peace of mind necessary to focus on delivering innovative solutions.

Transitioning to the GCCM environment also alleviated Apogee Engineering’s requirement to operate and update the server environment in-house. “The burden of maintaining the server equipment has been removed from our business practice and has freed up our time to complete other tasks,” said Josh. Apogee saved up to an estimated 240 hours a year not having to maintain or update the in-house servers. The transition to the GCCM environment enhanced the organization’s cybersecurity posture and yielded tangible time savings, allowing Josh and his team to redirect valuable hours toward more strategic initiatives.

Integral to the success of Apogee’s implementation was the dedicated Deltek Customer Success Manager (CSM), a figure both Josh and Joanne, Director of Finance and Accounting, commend as a vital factor during their transition. The pivotal role the CSM played in the implementation process included navigating through roadblocks by engaging the right stakeholders, escalating issues when necessary, and reliably attending to concerns. Josh and Joanne both agreed the Deltek CSM was someone who felt like a valuable part of their own Apogee team.

Deltek listens to their customer's experiences and feedback and strives to implement those suggestions with updates and integrations to make the user experience as friendly as possible highlights Joanne.  Moving forward, the team plans to implement Costpoint’s purchasing system and become more familiar with reporting through Costpoint’s Business Intelligence module.

Whether driven by specific security mandates or the desire to free themselves from the ongoing responsibility of maintaining on-premises systems, Deltek’s GCCM environment emerges as a strategic choice for government contractors seeking a compliant solution. “If government contractors understand they're going to get into a business that requires specific security requirements on what they utilize, going to GCCM is a wise choice,” says Josh.

With GCCM up and running, Apogee Engineering is experiencing tangible time-saving results and peace of mind knowing they have the guardrails in place to stay compliant with regulations.


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