Working Together: Costpoint and Talent Management

August 27, 2021
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Having systems that easily speak to each other is important when it comes to your business. Costpoint brings together every area of your business and allows you to confidently meet today’s compliance requirements while preparing to enter tomorrow with the industry-leading project management and accounting solution. Talent Management helps you successfully manage your people from hiring to onboarding all the way through to their last day. With Talent Management you can identify top talent outside and within your business, develop your talent successfully, and keep your talent data in one place allowing you to focus on the bigger picture of your business. With both Costpoint and Talent Management you can have an end-to-end HCM solution built with Government Contractors at the forefront.

Talent Management integrates with Costpoint in these 5 areas: New Hire, Employee Changes, Terminations, Skills, and Project Teams. Integrations are focused on driving employee information into Costpoint to facilitate the project lifecycle and to push data relevant to the employee from project work into Talent Management. This allows you to seamlessly manage your people in Costpoint without skipping a beat in Talent Management and the other way around.

New Hire Information:

Hiring employees takes time and you want to make sure that once they're hired they can get up and running quickly. Talent Management allows you to find top talent quickly, go through the hiring process fast, and start the onboarding process before their first day. Along with this, all the data about the new hire will be imported into Costpoint so they are ready to start in on a project when you need them to.

Employee Changes:

Employees change titles, locations, and other things in their employee lifecycle while at your company. Easily make changes in Talent Management and know the information will be pushed through to Costpoint. This allows for you to spend less time reconciling or re-entering any data and more time on the things that matter.

Termination information:

Employees leave organizations for many different reasons. With this integration, you are able to terminate an employee in Costpoint and be assured it will be updated in Talent Management so you have an off-boarding record created.


Upskill and Retrain your workforce to help focus on the development of your current staff. In Talent you can develop the initial skills framework and allows you to advance your employees' development. Create development plans that cover multiple skills. Once new skills are added you Talent Management will integrate that information into Costpoint so you know at all times who has what skills and what projects they can work on.

Project Teams:

Annual performance appraisals are the tried and true, age old method that many organizations use to evaluate employee performance but in a project based business, employees often work on projects or engagements that are led by someone other than their manager, this might not be the best method for giving employees the feedback and development they need to progress and succeed. In Costpoint you can transfer project team data to Talent Management giving the managers/project managers the ability to conduct project team appraisals. With project based appraisals increase employee engagement, provide fairer annual performance appraisals, employees get immediate feedback from the people the work closely with, and team leads are able to identify any developmental needs and assign the appropriate plan immediately. 

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