Costpoint Quick Launch For Small Business Is Here

March 20, 2020

Are you worried about spending too much time and too many resources on implementing a much-needed, new accounting system?  With Costpoint’s new Quick Launch offering for Small Businesses, we partner with you to handpick and implement only the applications specific to you and your business, keeping Costpoint simple while getting you going faster.

What Is Costpoint Quick Launch?

Small business government contractors who are seeking to modernize, implement best practices, and make financial and cybersecurity compliance easier, are able to access Costpoint’s proven solution in a much shorter time frame. Through the accelerated implementation, Deltek offers services to better support the enablement of your Deltek solution in a shorter time frame, meeting the unique needs of your business, while keeping it simple.

There is even more good news! With this new offering, project-based small businesses can keep their costs low and not lose sleep over the implementation process. Deltek Global Consulting helps make this happen with our decades of experience partnering with small business government contractors. We know a lot about the challenges, what businesses need and what they don’t need. Small businesses like yours taking advantage of this simple, pre-packaged Quick Launch implementation offering, can go live in as little as 8 weeks, quickly taking advantage of Costpoint’s powerful system to establish best practices, reduce risk and fully utilize compliance and cybersecurity support.

Additionally, small business government contractors can avoid disruptions with Costpoint Quick Launch. Deltek Global Consulting can remotely complete the entire implementation process, meaning no more delays! You can count on your implementation team to have you up and running in no time, and at a lower cost.

You also have access to over 40 hours of online training through the Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ), providing the needed resources to get you and your team on-boarded quickly, and with ease. We know you wear many hats and may need to quickly switch tasks, as a result, you will find training based on role, workflow, and product.

Our Expertise

Building on over 30 years of implementation experience, Deltek’s team of experts can help you achieve your goals and objectives via a pre-configured approach. Deltek has helped thousands of firms go live levering the best practices of Deltek’s industry focused software. We listen and partner with customers to blend the unique needs of our customers with what we know works well to drive successful results.

Now What?

Save yourself time and money, and gain peace of mind, knowing that you can move to Costpoint's proven, modern accounting system made for government contractors that grows with your business while providing compliance and cybersecurity support, without delaying your projects due to a lengthy implementation - take advantage of Deltek's Costpoint Quick Launch, where our team of experts can get you up and running quickly - anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit Deltek Global Consulting.