Eight Efficiency Boosting Capabilities You will Find in Costpoint 8

July 17, 2020

Let’s start with the definition of efficiency:

Adjective: performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort; having and using requisite knowledge, skill, and industry; competent; capable.

We’ve been listening to Costpoint customers and are streamlining processes, removing paper processes, eliminating data entry, and so much more, to help users function in the best possible manner.

And thank you, our Costpoint customers, for all of your suggestions, feedback, and testing. We are privileged to partner with you in making Costpoint the trusted solution you, government contractors of all sizes, rely on.

Here are some examples of how we are  boosting the efficiency of users in Costpoint 8:

  1. Reduce the data you need to enter: Starting with the Business Development team, new API integration screen transfers Vendor information, in addition to opportunity information, directly from GovWin IQ.
  2. Don’t go down the wrong path: The new Exclusion List Warning will alert you if a vendor is on the government exclusion list when creating a purchase order, request for quote, quote, or return for that vendor.
  3. Streamline your process of creating New Business Budgets: Tighter integration between  Planning and Contract Management helps you streamline the process of creating new business budgets by using new hyperlinked fields. Now you can easily pull information from the opportunity to help plan budgets and resources. Yes, - visa versa – opportunities are also updated with new business budget information as the information flow is bi-directional.
  4. Quicker expense reporting: When we say intelligent Time and Expense, we mean it. Make your smartphone camera do the tedious recording of expenses with Intelligent Character Recognition found in the new Mobile Expense app.
  5. Eliminate Purchase Order and Invoice Status Calls: You don’t want to call or email to have to hunt down the status of a purchase order, instead get email alerts when a supplier ships an item.
  6. Costpoint 8 Home Dashboard Makes your to-do list for you
  7. Help you identify what you need to do today: Use the Home Dashboard to see a new table containing a list of the approval tasks assigned to you. Only those steps that you have not yet completed are displayed. Information displayed includes where you need to accomplish the approval step, the step name, the time elapsed and remaining, and the status of the approval task. Clicking the workflow name link will get you to the screen where you can complete the task.
  8. Create the reports you need: Over a dozen new canned reports in Procurement and Manufacturing and a Procurement Dashboard and a Manufacturing dashboard will help you answer, and ask, questions of the data quicker.
  9. Make it easy for me to comply with the newest GSA acronym, Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). Costpoint’s Manage Vendors, Manage Subcontracts and the Contract Management Vendor Info screens will be updated to have a UEI Number field while retaining the DUNS number for historical and commercial needs. The field is also included when importing vendors.

Being efficient means you have more time to focus on the important tasks for the business.  With Costpoint 8 we are combining purposeful innovation with product enhancements to help you do exactly that.

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