A Sneak Peek at How Costpoint 8 Delivers More Innovation and Greater Intelligence

July 01, 2020

Drumroll please … Costpoint 8 is nearing its launch date and we are excited to provide you with a sneak peek into how it will make your jobs easier.

Costpoint 8 showcases how Deltek partners with customers, large and small, to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are met. It demonstrates how our purposeful innovation is driven by the increased value customers gain when we combine emerging technologies and new, more efficient ways to complete all types of business processes, to include those unique to government contractors.

Behind the scenes, Costpoint 8 is: an expanded Cloud team, an expanded Product Strategy team, millions of lines of code, hundreds of federal regulation updates, pervasive artificial intelligence, new APIs, testing, testing, testing, new support for Business Development roles, what-if, how-to, and who-can see it logic, tighter integration, high levels of configurability, new security levels, early adapter champions, many late nights, many discoveries, lots of caffeine, and hundreds of pieces of candy.  It is the continued investment in making Costpoint do more for you by providing more automation to control costs, and numerous usability enhancements to delight end users - all driving toward powering your project success.

We will not cover all of the new capabilities in this post. Here are eight key highlights.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Assistant – ask questions of the model to have it automatically recommend data visualizations. For example, which projects have the highest indirect costs or which contract vehicles have the highest indirect costs?
  2. Navigation “Fly-out” Banners – take workflows to a completely new level and help users speed through processes with navigation banners that improve the user experience and keep them on the path to completion.

    Costpoint Approval work flow navigation banner
  3. Intelligent Character Recognition – turn your smartphone camera into an expense-streamlining machine with Costpoint 8’s Expense Mobile App.
  4. Contact and Lead Tracking – simplify business development with new visibility, filtering, and analytical capabilities on your leads and contacts.
  5. FIDO / Digital Signatures – eliminate the need to physically sign papers with the new Digital Signature capabilities in Supplier Portal
  6. Visualized Manufacturing Process – use filters in the new manufacturing dashboard to drill into part, project, planner and more

    Costpoint 8 Manufacturing Dashboard
  7. Predictive Search and Match – improve utilization rates through better resource planning
  8. One-click Deep Dive – With one click, access the Costpoint 8 Learning Portal presented by Deltek University, featuring a robust catalog of Costpoint 8 training providing a guided path to Go Live.

We’re not stopping at Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Character Recognition or Digital Signatures. There are dozen’s of capability enhancements that are the result of listening to you, our customers, testing and utilizing new technologies and keeping an ever-watchful eye on compliance and continuously evolving federal contract requirements. As the industry-leading solution you trust, Deltek Costpoint’s innovative solutions continue to provide integrated intelligence, efficiency-boosting automation, and security and compliance support to power your company’s continued project success.

Come join us at Deltek Virtual Insight to learn more about Costpoint 8.

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