Streamline Your Day and Improve Visibility into Profits with Deltek ComputerEase’s 22.2 Release

November 14, 2022

Deltek ComputerEase has been supporting the construction industry for nearly 40 years and understands the challenges that contractors face daily, especially when it comes to managing their business.

For many, tracking profits are of the utmost importance in construction and Deltek ComputerEase can help contractors make more informed decisions and remain profitable. In addition, it can be difficult getting material lists to the work ticket, accounting in journal entries for jobs and equipment, and using paper check reimbursements to dispersed workforce.

With a focus on continuous innovation, we are excited to share some of the latest enhancements found in the ComputerEase 22.2 release that will modernize processes and help improve visibility into profits.

Deltek ComputerEase- Time Saving Enhancements

In this release, contractors can now reimburse employees electronically with ACH payments. This automation feature will not only save time for employers but also provides a convenient payment experience for employees.

  computerease release 22.2

Now, a remittance email may be pushed automatically, or users can set up the system to send a reminder to pull this report.

  computerease release 22.2

To enhance the user experience, ComputerEase has made recording third party payments even simpler, by calculating the employer responsibilities and performing the journal entry.

Contractors can now have peace of mind knowing they are meeting reporting requirements and taking advantage of automatic tax reporting. In addition, this enhancement also saves time by easily accruing employer taxes, while attributing who paid, when they paid, how it is reported, and if it is taxable.

  computerease release 22.2  computerease release 22.2

Additionally, ComputerEase users can allocate journal entries to jobs by populating the job number, phase, and category on the general ledger posting screen. This enhancement provides a cost record on the job, helping users save time.

  computerease release 22.2

Plus, you can combine entries with non-job-related entries, include equipment IDs and cost codes, and make depreciation entries to equipment in the general ledger.

  computerease release 22.2

With Deltek ComputerEase field-to-office communication can now be streamlined, as service ticket details include a standard item lists for users to use in conjunction with work orders, equipment, and scheduled maintenance.

This enhancement saves field time and reduces waste by specifying parts needed to perform work and complete tickets.

To track service contract profits, users can run a Contract Profitability report. Contracts can be attached to work orders for a cost, sell, and profit analysis.


computerease release 22.2

Deltek ComputerEase is a trusted partner to construction firms and committed to enhancing your project profitability and supporting you as you grow. To learn more about each enhancement, watch the recent Deltek ComputerEase Town Hall.