Modernize Your Payments Process with Deltek ComputerEase’s 22.1 Release

June 06, 2022

Take advantage of one of the only construction focused software companies that can automate inbound and outbound payments

Disconnected payments processes, tracking paper checks, managing multiple software systems, and maintaining compliance standards are among some of the challenges accounting teams face that Deltek ComputerEase’s latest release can solve for contractors.

Last fall, Deltek announced the launch of Deltek Payments, getting even international buzz about this innovative product offering to several Deltek products, including Deltek ComputerEase.

While Deltek ComputerEase customers could take advantage of this product when it was launched, this solution is now integrated in the Deltek ComputerEase software, which means a fully automated experience for both inbound and outbound payments, all in one easy-to-use interface.

Now Deltek ComputerEase Users can:

  • Turn their accounts payable department into a profit center. This new and seamless experience for vendor payments allows customers to qualify for money back through rebates when making vendor payments.
  • Easily upload updates to vendor payment types to multiple vendors at once using the vendor import process. This is a quick and easy way to implement vendors to go live with an electronic invoicing solution.
  • Eliminate reconciliation by removing manual billing processes, avoiding dual-entry into an accounting system. Cash flow is improved, digitally transforming the current payment process, and days sales outstanding (DSO) is reduced to improve forecasting capabilities.
  • Provide their customers with a modern experience. The easy-to-use payments portal interface may be customized and used on the customers’ own website.
  • Release payment liability and increase security while maintaining the highest compliance standards. Additionally, they can mitigate payment fraud risk with audit trails for all payment types.

Aside from the benefits of integrating Deltek Payments, this release includes other exciting changes along with many other great enhancements.

  • Reports may run automatically and delivered to email inbox on a customized schedule

  • Create service items on master services,


    then attach these master services to equipment with the ability to further customize the items on specific equipment

  • Accounts Payable administrators can now adjust non-reimbursable expenses that are submitted through ExpenseEase.


To learn more about maximizing the value of Deltek ComputerEase by integrating financial business services through Deltek Payments, sign up for our newest webinar here.