8 Benefits of Joining the Deltek ComputerEase CPA Partner Program

November 09, 2022
Brian Alles
Brian Alles
CPA Partner Manager – AEC Industry
Deltek ComputerEase CPA Partner Program

Construction accounting can be a complex, daunting task. Many contractors have benefited greatly by retaining a construction-focused Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to help manage the financial complexities of their businesses. The unique accounting requirements of construction means not all CPAs can provide the same level of support. Tracking work in progress (WIP), change orders, flexible billing options like AIA billing, revising estimates, and most importantly the ability to monitor, update and report job costing are all nearly impossible to achieve with basic, one-size-fits-all accounting software, like QuickBooks®. Similar to how contractors adopt new and more sophisticated physical tools when they take on more complex jobs, the same concept can be applied to the software tools contractors use to run their businesses.

Deltek ComputerEase is the leading construction software provider of job costing accounting, project management, and payroll services, supporting contractors as they grow. Our mission is to deliver solutions that help customers connect and automate the project lifecycle that fuels their business. Thousands of loyal customers have entrusted Deltek ComputerEase construction innovators since 1983 to beat the competition, increase profits, and even earn money back.

Construction Industry CPAs

Deltek offers a special partner program for CPAs who focus on the construction industry, including but not limited to those with clients who use Deltek ComputerEase software. The CPA Partner Program gives you all the tools you need to work hand-in-hand with your contractor clients and stay on the same page with them regarding their financial data.

Our recently revamped program spans into multiple tiers depending on your company’s goals. This program offers many benefits for CPAs across the country, including:

  1. Full-Service Program with Zero-Cost
    Our CPA Partner Program has no charge associated with it at any time. When you become a partner, you are eligible to receive the benefits listed below and a copy of our Deltek ComputerEase software.
  2. Access to Job Cost Accounting Software
    You will have access to Deltek ComputerEase, a flexible job cost accounting software specifically built for the construction industry, enabling CPAs to effectively advise on their clients’ financial processes. You can ensure your clients are accurately growing bottom-line profits and tracking the progress of every job using WIP reports and other customizable reports.
  3. Dedicated Partner Resources
    As a part of this program, your Channel Manager is your main point of contact to help you navigate situations or needs in a timely fashion and provide direct access to our customer support team, ensuring successful product and service experiences for your firm and your construction clients.
  4. Improved Consultation
    With a free license of the Deltek ComputerEase software, your firm can work hand-in-hand with your clients’ financial data. You can see their jobs at a very high-level or drill down into the details of a single job. This extensive insight into their business will allow you to better advise their financial processes.
  5. Referral Opportunities
    Once you have joined the program, you will have the flexibility to earn commission by referring your clients to make the switch to Deltek ComputerEase. If you prefer to earn training credits, we can tailor the program to fit the needs of your business.
  6. Super-User Access
    By becoming a partner in this program, you will become a Super User, allowing you to access client licenses through our cloud-based software. Access your client’s books from any location rather than in your client’s physical location.
  7. Marketing Resources
    We have a robust marketing team to help meet your needs, including access to logos, educational webinars and materials that you can pass on to your clients. Our dedicated partner portal is easy to navigate and find these resources. If you or your clients are looking to better understand the complexities of construction-focused accounting, Deltek offers Construction Accounting University, a free educational learning path.
  8. Networking Opportunities
    This free program includes quarterly CPA partner calls, allowing you to network with other CPAs across the country, stay current in the construction accounting industry, share best practices and lessons learned, and be in-the-know about associations at a local level. You will also be eligible to attend Deltek ProjectCon, our annual customer conference that unites thousands of project-focused professional from around the globe for unmatched learning, networking and fun.

Empower Your Construction Contractor Clients

Deltek ComputerEase empowers CPAs to provide high-quality service for their construction contractor clients and emerging contractors—taking their accounting processes and tools to the next level to support their growth and meet new requirements—while offering more billable hours for worthwhile services.


Deltek ComputerEase CPA Partner Program

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