Architects are Using Innovative Technology to Engineer Healthier Building Designs

October 03, 2022
sustainable architecture

Deltek is proud to power project success for thousands of architecture firms who are embracing technology to tackle ever-changing industry needs. Our industry-specific solutions, designed for architecture and engineering, help firms achieve greater levels of growth and profitability, especially during times of unpredictability and rapid transformation.

Architectural design is so much more than lines on paper. Between work, school and home, we spend about 90% of our lives indoors. Design contributes to a healthy workplace and living environment. It can even protect us from natural disasters like floods and hurricanes. Architects design spaces to not only protect our health, but to improve it. In fact, employees in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings report feeling healthier, happier and more productive. And, with the need to move faster and work more efficiently, technology plays a critical role in freeing up time so we can do more in less time.

Osterlund Architects uses Deltek Ajera throughout the entire project lifecycle for incremental, organic and smart growth, focusing on green, urban and smart architecture. The small business is passionate about serving and creating communities, designing with thoughtfulness, integrity, persistence and technical excellence designing office and medical buildings, retail establishments, and residential and commercial buildings to name a few.

Sustainability and the Design Process

To remain competitive in today’s business environment, architects need to use materials that are easier on the planet. Choosing the right materials can help solve ongoing challenges like reducing the carbon footprint, a goal for most firms since consumers are increasingly demanding that the businesses they support are taking action to reduce their impact on the planet and tackle climate change.

One of the ways A&E firms are doing this is through selecting materials sourced from low environmental impact or renewable sources.

According to the AIA’s Sustainability in the Architect’s Journey to Specification report, 79% of architects want to specify more sustainable materials than they do today. Incorporating the desired material properties right into the individual sections that subcontractors see is a great way to make sure everyone on the project team is involved.

Fortunately, there are innovative solutions that leverage technology to more seamlessly integrate sustainability in the design process with the goal of building healthier buildings.

Building efficiencies can be better calculated before construction to preempt poor building design in terms of sustainable design intent. Therefore, there is immense value of having sustainable product information immediately available during the design process to provide informed product selections.

Deltek Specpoint is a design platform that houses industry level product data specifically designed to provide in depth product data points around performance, options and sustainability to foster better informed product decisions. This all-in-one specification and design automation software streamlines research and product selection, makes spec writing easier and facilitates producing accurate construction docs while improving collaboration and accuracy.

With Specpoint, firms can easily search, sort and filter on sustainable product characteristics and performance properties, making it easy to find the right product to achieve design goals. The product detail pages provide specific information about the product that’s being presented. In addition to the product properties, there is a lot of information about the product supplier. Specpoint provides the architect with better convenience, speed, and tech-based intelligence for getting the work done.

Incorporate Sustainability Into Upcoming Projects

As the state of the environment becomes an ever-pressing issue, sustainability has become a critical component of architecture, engineering and construction projects. Project stakeholders are more engaged and invested in pursuing various sustainability goals, and it is essential the details are not missed at any stage in the process.

Increasingly common is the need to include sustainable design requirements in project specifications. A recent AIA study showed that 60% of architects said that they researched sustainability while writing specifications. A few requirements to consider could be costs associated with achieving LEED certification, or the need to hire a sustainability consultant.

Navigating through multiple phases of design and construction requires the team to work efficiently and accurately. It's important to have the right software which gives the project team access to the overall sustainability picture for the project. It gives everyone the opportunity to see not only where their specific trade or whatever might play into the goals and ensure the end project matches the design vision.

Improve Financial Performance With Industry Expertise

Sustainability presents a significant opportunity for many firms to grow their business. According to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, 61% of corporate leaders believe that sustainability leads to market differentiation and improved financial performance.

In addition, a growing number of architects recognize the advantage of winning more work through smart building design.

Deltek’s 35+ years of industry expertise helps architects power project success with real-time access to information and a holistic view of projects and profitability. From our award-winning project-based ERP solutions like Deltek Ajera and Deltek Vantagepoint, to Deltek+ArchiSnapper, the number one field reporting app, and Deltek Talent Management − more than 11,000 architecture and engineering firms rely on Deltek for superior levels of project intelligence, management and collaboration.


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