Moving Maconomy to the Deltek Cloud: Your path for a successful migration

February 17, 2022

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Cloud is instrumental for establishing a modern digital workplace.  As solutions are built for remote and collaborative work, there is a greater need for rapid and secure implementations and upgrades, all while reducing downtime.

Companies are increasingly moving their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suites to the public cloud. This is because the move brings two major benefits: a new layer of security to ERP installations, and a reduction in long-term hardware purchase and maintenance costs.

To help you get started, we identified four steps for a streamlined migration to Deltek Maconomy Cloud.

Four steps for a successful Maconomy cloud migration

1. Initiation

The first thing to get right is a strong plan. We work with you to develop a migration plan that fits your business’s needs and your timeline. To start the process, we’ll determine which version of Maconomy you are running and if you are due an upgrade. 

2. Review your custom footprint

Once we have a plan in place, we’ll ensure your migration to Deltek Cloud carries forward all the integrations and customisations you already have in place. This includes exploring your extensions, reports, and any possible upgrades to make sure you’re fully supported.

Then we will confirm your custom processes meet cloud security requirements. This is where we’ll use our expertise for your migration to be fully compliant.


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Moving Maconomy to the Deltek Cloud

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3. Test

The third step is to test your workflows, processes, and third-party integrations. This is where we make sure everything is working exactly how you need it, and is seamless with your on-premise application experience.

To do this effectively, we’ll use short test scripts to validate every single function.  This is an essential step to ensure you can hit the ground running with Deltek Cloud. And it’s especially important if you integrate extra tools with Deltek Maconomy, such as CRM or payroll. It all needs to work together – and we’ll test to make sure it does.

4. Online learning and Go-Live

Finally, we include on-demand training and Go-Live support as part of your migration. This consists of a wide range of learning materials brought to you by product experts.

We want to give you all the tools you need to be the master of your own product, so that you can get as much out of Maconomy and Deltek Cloud as possible.

Migrate to Deltek Cloud with the right partner by your side

At Deltek, we have proven experience using Prince II methodologies to support technology deployments and migrations. Because we work exclusively with project-based firms, you can rest assured you’ll get a refined cloud migration process that keeps projects on track. With an average of over ten years of experience, all our project teams have in-depth knowledge of project management, integration, extensibility, and technical architecture. And all this experience means we understand the risks in any move to the cloud and will work in partnership with you to monitor and mitigate them.

Watch our on-demand webinar, Moving Maconomy to the Deltek Cloud, to learn more about making the migration process successful. You can speak to a Deltek expert as well to discuss your own custom migration and estimate ROI.

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