Enhancing UX & Embracing AI: A Glimpse into Deltek Maconomy Innovations

October 27, 2023
Dan Distefano
Dan DiStefano
Sr. Director, Product Strategy
User Experience and AI: Maconomy Innovations

At Deltek ProjectCon 2023, the annual event for project-based businesses, the Deltek Maconomy product team unveiled their vision for making the project lifecycle smarter through purposeful innovation in the product. The kick-off session provided insights into our exciting plans to leverage innovation and new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to make Deltek Maconomy even more powerful.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how Deltek is leveraging innovation in Maconomy to help customers make the project lifecycle smarter. We’ll walk you through the new features and enhancements that are coming in Maconomy 3.0, the platform that will take your project management to the next level when it is released in Q4 of 2024. Here’s what’s in store:

A Unified User Experience

One of the most exciting innovations in Maconomy is the new user experience (UX) that is designed to make your work easier and more enjoyable. Maconomy 3.0, releasing in Q4 of 2024, will provide a 100% web-based platform with a unified experience for users leveraging their favorite browser, tablet, and/or their smartphone of choice.

The newly redesigned and reimagined Web Experience is the main interface that supports all roles in your organization. Whether you are a project manager checking on project financials, a controller doing daily tasks or complex monthly processes, or a system admin setting up automation rules, or importing data packages, you’ll find everything you need in the web client.

The new mobile experience is yet another highlight of what’s to come for Maconomy in the coming months. Reimagined and redeveloped from the ground-up, utilizing Progressive Web App technology, the new mobile interface will include a modern design, a new personalized ‘home’ screen, with quick actions to easily conduct routine tasks – such as entering time, recording expenses, approving transactions, reviewing KPIs, and more!

Together, the web and mobile interfaces will provide a unified end user experience on a 100% web-based platform. This means you’ll have a consistent look and feel across all devices and browsers. You’ll also have complete access to Maconomy’s business functionality and extension framework on any smartphone device. Whether you choose to add dashboards, run quick-queries, or expose your customizations to mobile users – the options surrounding user experience are limitless.

With these UX improvements, you can enjoy using Maconomy more and get more done with less hassle. This is a team effort that includes our partners, user experience team, and YOU. The more vocal you can be by submitting your ideas into the Idea Portal, the better.


Maconomy has one of the more robust extension frameworks on the market today, with the ability to essentially modify any aspect of the solution to meet your unique business needs. In 2024, we are providing our customers with more configuration opportunities, with the beginning of our Low Code client-side framework. This robust framework will give you more flexibility and control over how you use Maconomy. Maconomy 3.0 introduces the ability to tailor Maconomy to your preferences and requirements. You can make Maconomy work the way you want it to without having to rely on coding or technical support. With the proper access permissions, decided by you, your users can customize menus, workspaces, build reports or dashparts, and more.


Deltek’s new integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution, Deltek Unionpoint, for which Maconomy has a built-in connector, helps you take efficiency to the next level through pervasive connectivity. It is a centralized management solution to build, deploy, and administer integrations, to build a best-of-breed technology ecosystem. This increases efficiency through workflow automation and access to real-time data.

In addition, if you are one of our previously on-premises customers who have moved to the Deltek Cloud, you have no doubt realized the benefits of Deltek hosting and managing your solution through software as a service (SaaS). But in our SaaS offerings, you are primarily limited to accessing data through Maconomy’s user interfaces and supporting tools. Deltek’s upcoming Data as a Service (DaaS) offering will enable you to access high-quality, reliable, and relevant Maconomy data as a SaaS offering without having to invest in the costly infrastructure, maintenance, or security elements required to do so. This will allow you to have full access to your data to curate, enrich, and consolidate data with other data sources, using whatever 3rd party tools you desire.


Containerization and orchestration within the Maconomy solution will enable automated deployment, monitoring, and scaling. The primary benefit of making Maconomy ‘containerized’ is that it makes the product more consumable. This means faster updates and greater security with less downtime and disruption.

Some of the benefits of making Maconomy ‘Containerized’ include:

  • Fully automated deployment: You can deploy Maconomy using automated provisioning tools that create, update, and delete resources without any manual intervention.
  • Isolation and immutability: A container is a fully isolated environment with all software & dependencies ‘baked-in’, can consume its own resources, and is immutable so impossible to change.
  • Proactive monitoring: Proactive cloud software monitoring is a technique that allows you to detect and resolve issues with your cloud-based applications and infrastructure before they affect you and your end users.
  • Dynamic scaling: Containers will allow for us to invest in the service when you require extra power, and efficiently scale back when demand is low.
  • Instant updates and faster upgrades: Container technology will make the process of updating and upgrading Maconomy much faster, will reduce risk through increased quality and with your engagement increase the time to new updates and enhancements.
  • Secure/agile transformations: Maconomy will provide the capability for updates and upgrades to take place in a much more agile and yet secure and low risk manner. Deltek has made these investments not only in the software, but also across the business to be more agile in way we develop our products, be more dynamic our work processes and less siloed and therefore more service orientated.


The last but not the least innovation in the upcoming release of Maconomy 3.0 is the intelligence that will be embedded in the solution. Maconomy 3.0 will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent character recognitions (ICR) to help you make smarter decisions and optimize your project outcomes. Maconomy currently supports ICR for mobile expense registration, which will be expanded to also cover vendor invoice transactions. Maconomy will then simply consume any PDF invoice and automatically create your vendor invoice transaction, allocate it, and have it ready for review/approval. In addition, the use of Generative-AI will allow Maconomy to produce Smart Summaries for various roles in your organization. Whether it be Client Smart Summaries, or for another record type, the solution can automatically provide an executive summary to inform you of account status, latest events, next steps, and more. Finally, Maconomy 3.0 will also infuse traditional AI into the product, with the introduction of Anomaly Detection which quickly detects potential anomalies for your approvers, making approving transactions not only quicker, but more accurate and complete.


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Key Takeaways

The key theme was leveraging new technologies like AI and automation together with UX improvements to make the project lifecycle smarter. But ultimately, the focus is on providing solutions to empower users and organizations to power project success and boost the bottom line.

Deltek Maconomy is not just another ERP for professional services. It’s a game-changer that will help you make your project lifecycle smarter. By integrating these innovations into the platform, Deltek is enabling its customers to be more agile and efficient. Users will be able to configure Maconomy to their needs, automate repetitive tasks, and leverage AI to focus on higher-value work. With powerful new capabilities and intelligent assistance, Maconomy will help teams make smarter decisions and drive success throughout the project lifecycle.


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