Elevate your Project Insights with Vantagepoint Project Smart Summaries

June 25, 2024
Akhila Velayudhan
Akhila Velayudhan
Senior Product Manager
Vantagepoint Project Smart Summaries

Do you find yourself immersed in the world of projects to the extent that you dream and devise project plans even in your sleep? Do you find yourself wishing for that magic wand that could give you a quick overview and status of the multiple projects that you are responsible for without wading through reports and data for hours on end?

Now that I have hopefully piqued your curiosity, let's delve into what makes this wish a reality with the click of a button.

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying informed and making data-driven decisions is crucial for success. Deltek recently announced Deltek Dela™, an AI-powered intelligent business companion that is revolutionizing project delivery. Dela includes Smart Summaries™, predictive capabilities and intelligent exploration. With the latest release of Vantagepoint, we are expanding the power of Dela to generate Project Smart Summaries™.

What are Project Smart Summaries?

Project Smart Summaries leverage generative AI to generate a concise, accurate summary of your project. Whether you’re dealing with lengthy reports or complex datasets, Project Smart Summaries distill the essence of project information into digestible insights.


“The Project Smart Summary feature is easy to set up and use. The summaries are accurate, and the information is divided into sections so you can quickly find what you need. I think our project managers and owners will find this feature very helpful.”

– Terry Sanderford, Fluhrer Reed PA, Early Adopter Participant


How Does It Work?

GenAI analyzes project content and then crafts a summary that captures core information in sections allowing you to grasp the project’s status at a glance.

Unlock these Advantages with Project Smart Summaries

  • Improve Focus and Enhance Productivity: By highlighting the most pertinent information, Project Smart Summaries help you concentrate on what truly matters
  • Monitor Progress: Keep abreast and stay informed of latest project developments to update stakeholders on project progress and key milestones
  • Save Time: Reduce hours of pouring through multiple reports to mere minutes, freeing up time for strategic thinking, decision making and project delivery.
  • Collaborate: Keep the project team updated on current project status by sharing Project Smart Summary content where it makes sense for your firm.

Contents at a Glance: The Essence of Project Smart Summaries

Each section of the Project Smart Summary includes actionable project-centric insights designed to aid with informed decision making, profitability assessment, risk identification and performance tracking.

Overview: find pertinent project information all stakeholders need including the project status, stage, location, primary client and key project employees that you may need to reach out to regarding project deliverables. Included as well are two subcategories detailing the project’s upcoming milestones and the active phases and tasks.

Financial Health: a financial synopsis for awarded projects provides a clear view of financial aspects enabling project managers to proactively manage a project’s financial health.

Measure project progress and productivity by comparing total compensation with earned revenue and revenue backlog.

Assess the liquidity and cash flow of the project with billed and accounts receivable metrics. These are also beneficial in understanding client payment patterns, essential for managing credit risk and evaluating payment terms.

Profitability and percent complete help determine the project’s progress and financial viability, while the estimate to complete revenue information draws your attention to future forecasting requirements and resource allocation tasks.

Pursuit Summary:  prioritize in-pursuit projects by assessing the likelihood of winning these projects with a review of the pursuit summary information. The estimated fee, probability and weighted fee information included in this section helps provide a realistic financial projection of the opportunity.

Recent Activities: stay updated with the most recent developments by reviewing the five most recent activities of the project. Review the recent activities to schedule and plan meetings with stakeholders and follow up on activities necessary to move the pursuit forward or keep the project on track.

Plan Summary: keep track of the plan schedule and labor estimate at completion information. You can also review information regarding top employee resources based on the highest estimate at completion hours, which is crucial for resource planning.

View effortless project insights at a glance with Deltek Project Smart Summary
View effortless project insights at a glance with Deltek Project Smart Summary

Secure Summarization

Security and privacy are of paramount importance and with these AI -powered smart summaries your data is secure and is not used in machine learning. The smart content in these summaries is based on data within Vantagepoint and does not include information from external sources.

Summing Up: The Future of Intelligent Summarization

At the heart of these summaries is a commitment to innovation and project manager empowerment by harnessing the power of AI. These concise yet comprehensive summaries are a leap towards transforming the way we consume information and are designed to help project leaders and stakeholders deliver successful projects while saving time.


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Disclaimer: This Smart Summary is generated by an artificial intelligence tool using your Vantagepoint data exclusively. It is provided subject to the terms of your Vantagepoint licensing agreement governing the use of Smart Summaries. Deltek does not represent, warrant or independently verify the accuracy of each Smart Summary. Users are encouraged to independently review and verify the accuracy of the Smart Summary.