Achieve Accurate Company Metrics with Deltek Vantagepoint's Configurable KPI Dashpart

June 20, 2024
Ellen Keeley
Product Director
Achieve Accurate Metrics with Vantagepoint's KPI Dashpart

Continuing our journey through the latest enhancements in Deltek Vantagepoint, we are excited to introduce the innovative KPI Dashpart. This new feature is designed to help project-based firms visualize their key performance indicators (KPIs) more effectively than ever before. Let’s delve into how this new Dashpart can transform your data into actionable insights.

Experience Enhanced Financial Visualization with the New KPI Dashpart

The new KPI Dashpart in Vantagepoint is a game-changer for financial visualization. It allows users to display a single calculation in a customized format, offering unparalleled control over how you view your critical metrics. Whether it’s net labor multipliers, outstanding receivables, or utilization rates, the KPI Dashpart ensures that these vital numbers are presented clearly and compellingly.

Metric DashboardReview company metrics seamlessly with Vantagepoint’s KPI dashpart

Customize Your KPI Display with Enhanced Formatting Options

One of the standout features of the KPI Dashpart is its extensive customization capabilities. You can define the background and font colors to match your firm's branding or to highlight significant data points. More importantly, with the Dashpart Designer Conditional Formatting, you can set color changes based on specific criteria, such as comparing current metrics to target values or previous years' data. This visual cue system makes it easier to spot trends and deviations immediately.

Dashpart DesignerCustomize your KPI display with dashpart designer

Easily Access Detailed Data with KPI Dashpart Drill-Down Functionality

The KPI Dashpart also supports drill-down capabilities, like those found in Table and Chart Dashparts. This means that from a high-level KPI, you can navigate to a more detailed Dashpart to get deeper insights. For instance, if you're looking at your firm's overall utilization rate, you can drill down to see detailed breakdowns by employee or project, providing a comprehensive understanding of the underlying data.

Dashpart DrilldownGain deeper KPI insights with drill-down functionality

Follow These Steps to Create Your Own KPI Dashpart

Setting up a KPI Dashpart is straightforward and intuitive. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Select Your Base: Choose the data source for your KPI, such as employee or account bases.
  2. Define Your Calculation: Specify the metric you want to display. For example, if you want to show the direct hours divided by total hours, you can set this up easily.
  3. Apply Date Ranges: To compare this year to last year’s totals, create a column for this year and last year and use Date Range to filter to the specific months for each year.
  4. Customize the Display: Adjust the number of decimal places and choose whether to display currency or percentage symbols.
  5. Apply Conditional Formatting: Set up rules to change the background or text color based on your defined criteria, like highlighting when current-year metrics fall below the previous year's values.
  6. Add Tooltips: Provide additional context by adding tooltips that explain the significance of your KPIs or the criteria used for conditional formatting.

Practical Example: Utilization Year-to-Date KPI Dashpart

Let’s create a practical example—a KPI Dashpart for Utilization Year-to-Date:

  • Data Source: Select the employee base.
  • Metric: Direct hours divided by total hours.
  • Formatting: Display as a percentage in Column Properties and add conditional formatting to turn red if the current year’s utilization is less than the previous year in KPI Options.
  • Tooltip: In KPI Options "Color will be red if current year utilization is less than previous year."

Implementing these steps ensures that your KPIs are not only accurate but also immediately informative and visually distinct.

Conditional FormattingCheck current year metrics with the help of conditional formatting

Dashpart UtilizationGet accurate YTD KPI utilization information with the Vantagepoint KPI Dashpart

Transform Your Financial Analysis with the New KPI Dashpart

The new KPI Dashpart in Vantagepoint is a robust tool that enhances how you monitor and interpret key performance indicators. With its customization options, conditional formatting, and drill-down capabilities, this Dashpart empowers project-based businesses to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently. Embrace this feature to elevate your financial analysis and stay ahead in your strategic planning.

Stay tuned for more updates and share your experiences with the new KPI Dashpart to discover its full potential. Enhance your financial insights and drive better business decisions now!


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