Three Innovations You Didn't Even Know You Needed

November 12, 2019

By Todd Walker, Vice President Product Management, Deltek.

Last year, at Insight 2018 in Dallas TX, Deltek committed to investing in emerging technologies to improve the user experience at every stage of the project lifecycle. We continue to develop these efforts to help streamline work, save time and addresses challenges within your project-based business.

We’ve been busy delivering on our promise and we’re excited to share with some of the latest technologies that will add additional purposeful innovation into Deltek’s solutions for project-based businesses.

Here are just a few of these innovations you didn’t even know you needed:

OCR with Machine Learning

No one likes to create an expense report – ever – but it’s a must-have in a world where they are required for billing and auditing purposes.  Our responsibility to the market is to make this process as quick and easy without giving up the necessary controls to meet your business requirements.

Traditional Optical Character Recognition (or OCR) paired with machine learning and geolocation technology allows expense data to be captured and submitted faster than ever without giving up the business rules your employees and subcontractors must adhere to. The improved OCR or “ICR” can read even handwritten words and amounts and the machine learning engine recognizes groups of data (like multiple taxes on a hotel receipt) and can total them.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) takes a lot of the dreaded manual entry off of the employees shoulders allowing for a more user friendly, accurate and quicker experience entering expense data with cleaner receipt images. ICR is perfect for capturing paper based or external documents that need to be added to a company’s ERP like expenses, business cards, invoices and more.

Deltek recognizes now is the right time to bring ICR to its customers. With the advancements of machine learning technology the application of this technology is endless and will only improve the user experience and make you more efficient by increasing your employees productivity and eliminating wasted time on routine tasks.   

Business Intelligence Meets Artificial Intelligence

Do you ever ask yourself critical business questions like “Do I have resources to deliver on a project?” or How much revenue will we lose by not filling positions?”? What about “Which projects are at-risk?”?  Wouldn’t it be great if your ERP system could answer these questions for you without having to manually research and analyze data from multiple sources… without human bias?

At Deltek, we are adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability to our solutions to help take much of the manual intervention and human bias out of the equation. AI capability will systematically analyze data across the project lifecycle to help make more informed decisions. Combined with our Costpoint Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, you’ll be able to produce clear, useful insights and dashboards from the data being analyzed with just a few clicks.

You won’t want to miss Insight 2019 to get a preview of this new capability.

Robotic Process Automation

As you’ve heard, we are making the user experience a top priority. Our Product and User Experience teams are constantly looking at ways to improve the user experience without giving up the capability our customers require to support government-based contracting.  That being said we realize Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology many of our customers are evaluating, and in some cases using, to automate repetitive data entry tasks. 

RPA “bots” (short for robots) can be created to mimic and integrate human interactions with digital systems to execute manual, time-intensive, high-volume, business rule-driven processes. Over time, bots should learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Some of our customers are leveraging RPA bots to create new projects, setup new employees, process invoices and even monitor security clearance status. 

At Deltek we view RPA as a complementary technology to our ERP solutions including the investment we are making in the user experience.  We’ve taken a partner approach to RPA by teaming with Alirrium, an authorized partner of UiPath providing Robotic Process automation to both the commercial and federal workplace.  Click here to learn more about our partnership and stop by Alirrium’s kiosk in the Insight Xpo Hall.

It’s all about the user experience! Improving the user experience through innovation helps reduce the amount of time on high-touch, manual tasks and decisions, allowing your resources to be more productive.  ICR, AI and RPA all help deliver on this objective. 

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About the Author

As Vice President of Product Management, Todd is responsible for leading the product strategy and roadmap for Deltek’s Costpoint and Human Capital Management solutions. Todd has over 20 years of experience delivering market leading, purpose built, on premises and cloud enterprise software solutions for aerospace & defense and government contracting organizations. Connect with Todd on LinkedIn.