Supporting Government Contractors’ Success at Every Stage of the Contract Lifecycle

December 08, 2021
Deltek offers solutions across the entire contract lifecycle

Powering Project & Contract Lifecycles

Deltek is the industry-leading provider of innovative project-based ERP solutions that power success at every stage of the project lifecycle. From winning new contracts to successfully delivering on a project and measuring performance, businesses are empowered to succeed through all five lifecycle stages, these include: 

  1. Winning and discovering new opportunities
  2. Managing your project efficiencies
  3. Developing and transforming your business
  4. Delivering control and agility by unearthing opportunities
  5. Measuring performance with a 360-degree view of your project

Similarly, government contracting has a lifecycle, with each stage representing a critical competent of sourcing, securing and delivering against a government contract. And like the project lifecycle, Deltek offers solutions across the entire contract lifecycle, from the pre-RFP and contract solicitation stages, to helping companies prepare a winning proposal, to fulfilling the contract, monitoring performance and remaining compliant. We deliver all this to our customers to give them what they need to get ahead of the competition.


Strategic Sales Planning Stage

Gathering and leveraging pre-RFP data and analysis to better understand upcoming opportunities is one of the most important ways to get ahead in government contracting. This intelligence is also what enables contractors to make thoughtful and strategic go/no-go decisions and how to develop a winning proposal.

For nearly 40 years, government contractors have come to rely on Deltek’s analysis and contract intelligence – providing detailed information up to five years in advance of the bid. A good example of a contractor who benefited from this is Tindale Oliver, a small business government contractor who specializes in providing transportation planning and engineering services to government agencies. By using the pre-RFP searches in Deltek’s GovWin IQ solution, they can proactively view opportunities that are the best fit for their business.

“We recently identified a really good-fit lead in Baltimore using GovWin IQ, and we’re in the process of teaming in pursuit of that,” said Andrea Sauvageot, Communications and Research Coordinator for Tindale Oliver. “This opportunity would have been something we would not have known about or known who to contact. And that’s directly because of our GovWin IQ pre-RFP search—it’s been a huge value for us.”

This example illustrates how Deltek plays a key role in helping the public sector promote their opportunities and create a more competitive marketplace. Our industry-leading solutions make it easier for new entrants to the government market to find government contracts and bid on opportunities which they may never been aware of before. The government, in turn, gets the most value by selecting the right vendors and being better stewards of taxpayers’ dollars. The role Deltek plays in this exchange is a big responsibility, but it’s one we pride ourselves on delivering for our customers and for the public sector at large.


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Capture Planning and Award Stage

Deciding to submit a proposal is not a decision government contractors take lightly. The amount of investment needed, in terms of both time and expense, can be considerable. Knowing how to respond to the RFP, who to partner with if necessary, and how to articulate past experience to help secure the winning bid are all important elements in proposal preparations. Relying on fact-based information and detailed analysis is crucial: If the analysis and data is not accurate about an opportunity, vendors will be ill prepared and less likely to respond appropriately and win the contract.

Deltek’s team of over 150 researchers have embedded connections within federal, state and local governments to monitor, track and analyze thousands of opportunities a year, up to five years before they even go to bid. It is the use of our unmatched intelligence from our GovWin IQ solution that gives Deltek Project Nation an advantage in the marketplace and helps them win government contracts.


"It’s an honor to be seen as a centralized industry expert in any field and we’re proud that Deltek has earned that level of trust."

– Brian Haney, VP of Customer Success, Deltek


Contract Fulfillment, Reporting and Renewal Stages

Finding and winning more government opportunities are only the first parts of the government contract lifecycle. To continue to earn a positive reputation in the marketplace, contractors must deliver on what they have promised and at a high level of performance, all while navigating the complexities of remaining compliant and passing audits.

In the contract fulfillment stage, is where businesses provide their unique products or services to the government. As they do this, they must track their performance to deliver effectively. They must then manage and monitor the delivery of the product or service, while at the same time managing their internal costs and resources. If a contractor can’t deliver their goods or services in an efficient, timely and productive manner, they will be less likely to receive favorable CPARS rankings, which will make it more challenging for them to be selected for additional contracts.

To support the ever-changing compliance landscape, Deltek is always thinking of innovative ways to incorporate new features into our solutions to help customers to save time and money while delivering services to the government. Industry-leading solutions like Deltek Costpoint provide contractor’s real-time insight into business processes, enable automation and improve operational efficiency. And Deltek’s integrated, mobile-friendly and DCAA compliant Time & Expense module allows government contractors to comprehensively manage all of their time and expense tracking.

“We are always enhancing the key business processes that customers are looking to automate,” said Todd Walker, VP of Product Management for Deltek. “One example is the source-to-pay process. Another is manufacturing or resource planning. We have made major investments in streamlining and automating those processes for our customers.”

Making Audit and Compliance a Priority

At Deltek, we view government contracting compliance as a thread that runs through the entire contract lifecycle. Every government entity follows standards related to compliance, and most contractors look to two sets of government rules as the basis for their compliance – FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) and CAS (Cost Accounting Standards). Remaining compliant and avoiding a potential audit is something that is constantly top-of-mind for experienced contractors throughout the solicitation and fulfillment stages.

For businesses that need to remain compliant as they fulfill their government contract and put themselves in the best position to win a potential contract renewal, it’s vital to have an ERP partner they can trust. This was the reason that Metamagnetics, a leading electronic component manufacturer, chose Deltek.

“Ultimately, it came down to Deltek’s reputation,” said Lee Burns, Director of Operations, Metamagnetics. “Deltek's products are known across the GovCon industry and we they offer a purpose-built solution that is trusted by government – with the ability to grow our business and diversify our portfolio.”

A Trusted Advisor to Government Contractors at Every Stage

With solutions that address every stage of the government contract lifecycle, from pre-RFP to contract completion or renewal, Deltek is the trusted partner to government contractors seeking to find, win and deliver on more opportunities in the most cost-effective way.


"Using Costpoint’s integrated capabilities along with GovWin IQ, enables us to create a pipeline from early business development all the way through contract inceptions."

– Rich Bason, Chief Operating Officer, Riptide Technology


As a trusted partner, we consider this to be both a responsibility and a privilege. We’re dedicated to providing our customers – of all sizes, from small business to enterprise – with the same level of services they have relied on since 1983. When they have questions, they call us as their trusted advisor.

Deltek has earned that level of trust and is committed to powering contract success, all while helping businesses remain compliant, pass audits and prepare for the next big contract. It’s what our customers expect and it’s what we are proud to deliver.


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