Streamlining Success: How Unionpoint Empowers WorkBook Users

July 27, 2023
How Unionpoint Empowers WorkBook Users

In the first of our integration strategy series, you learned how important a pervasively connected tech ecosystem can be for enterprise-sized ERP customers in the consulting, accounting, and architecture and engineering industries.

Many of the benefits realized by enterprise-sized accounts leveraging Deltek Unionpoint remain consistent across advertising agencies of all sizes. By adopting an integration methodology, agencies can unlock the potential for optimized efficiency, improved data management and security, streamlined processes and cost savings.

However, there are some differences in how these benefits manifest within the advertising and marketing industry:

  1. Streamlined campaign management: Advertising agencies heavily rely on managing and executing various advertising campaigns across different platforms and channels. By integrating advertising platforms, data sources, and analytics tools, a universally connected application ecosystem provides a centralized hub for campaign management. This streamlines the process, improves efficiency, and enables agencies to deliver campaigns more effectively.
  2. Adtech integration and automation: Advertising agencies leverage various advertising technologies and adtech platforms for targeting, programmatic buying, and ad delivery. By integrating these adtech systems, it enables the automation of processes such as audience segmentation, ad placements, and performance tracking. This automation improves efficiency, reduces manual effort, and enhances campaign optimization.
  3. Faster media reconciliations and improved cash flow: As mentioned in the preceding bullets, the task of planning, buying and managing media for multiple ad campaigns across channels and platforms is nuanced and complex. It requires substantial upfront costs, and when there are delays in repayment, this makes post-campaign reconciliations complicated, time consuming, and labor intensive. All of which negatively impacts agency cash flow, which is why it is critical that agencies seamlessly integrate their media buying and accounting systems to facilitate real-time data transfer.

    For example, agencies that leverage the true API integration between Deltek WorkBook and FreeWheel’s Strata can reconcile media payments and improve cash flow with the simple click of a button.
  4. Integration with creative and production processes: Advertising agencies work closely with creative and production teams to develop and deliver the compelling ad content they’re known for. It’s important that creative tools, asset management systems, and project management platforms are seamlessly integrated to allow continuous collaboration between creative teams and streamline the creative production process. In fact, one of the biggest bottlenecks of the creative process can be eliminated by leveraging a productized integration between WorkBook and ConceptShare which brings online proofing into the project management process and accelerates creative reviews and approvals.
  5. Data-driven insights and optimization: Advertising agencies deal with vast amounts of data related to audience demographics, advertising performance, and consumer behavior. A platform like Unionpoint helps to consolidate and analyze data from multiple sources, providing comprehensive insights and analytics. This allows agencies to optimize ad targeting, messaging, and media buying decisions, leading to more successful and impactful advertising campaigns.
  6. Collaboration with clients and partners: Advertising agencies often collaborate with clients, media partners, and other creative agencies throughout the campaign lifecycle. A fully integrated technology ecosystem facilitates seamless integration and data sharing between internal and external stakeholders, promoting efficient collaboration, streamlined communication, and improved project management.
  7. Real-time campaign reporting and analytics: Advertising campaigns require real-time monitoring and reporting to assess performance and make data-driven decisions. Unionpoint enables the integration of advertising platforms, analytics tools, and reporting systems, which allows agencies to access up-to-date performance metrics and generate comprehensive reports for campaigns in real-time.

Overall, while the core benefits of employing Unionpoint to fully integrate your technology ecosystem are similar across industries, the specific applications and focus areas may differ for advertising agencies due to their unique requirements related to campaign management, data-driven insights, collaboration, creative processes, and adtech integration.

It can be daunting to fully integrate your tech stack in one fell swoop and many considerations should be made before jumping into the deep end. You can take baby steps to level up by employing the existing integrations that WorkBook already offers to other Deltek products including Deltek ConceptShare, and commonly used third-party platforms including FreeWheel’s Strata. When you’re ready, Unionpoint is simple enough that you can employ integrations at your own pace, so you can securely scale efficiencies as you see fit.


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