Deltek Talent Aligns with Key 2022 HR Trends - Part 1

April 06, 2022

It’s never too late to analyze, review and switch up HR processes to align with the ever-evolving trends. When it comes to HR, we all agree that you can never become too complacent or laxed in thinking that your company will run like a well-oiled machine year after year because trends require change. And with the latest buzzword or trend The Great Resignation, it will require you to step outside of the box to ensure your business and brand are not left behind. Let's look at this from a positive perspective as trends are the absolute best opportunity to take advantage of change that cultivates growth!

Talent's full-suite solution promotes the evolutionary process from a high-vibe candidate experience with momentum that carries hired employees through a lasting career that cultivates growth through continuous engagement.

Core Framework

A consistent trend in 2022 is companies focusing on their brand as it is the reputation and image that will set you apart from your competition in every way. Reviewing your brand can be as simple as updating your Talent communication templates, job descriptions or just simplifying the apply process for a better candidate experience. A statistic from 2021, indicates that 82% consider employer brand and reputation before applying for a job 7% increase in the past five years (Careerarc, 2021).A few minor aesthetic and/or verbiage changes can give your company a fresh new image, and when paired with socializing those changes, these will help capture the attention of a wider range and increased number of candidates.

Candidate Experience

Speaking of candidates, the Candidate experience is STILL one of the top trends in 2022. Candidates are actively looking for positions because they know they have the upper hand in negotiations as the number of companies looking for great talent is high while the availability of qualified candidates is low. Driving factors are wanting flexibility, increased pay, culture being paramount, and connection is key! Candidates on the hunt taking are taking time to research various job boards and social networks to see how companies are perceived. This ties back to the first trend I mentioned and why evaluating your brand is so important. First impressions could mean the difference of gaining or losing a candidate that could be a life-long project boomerang.

Another statistic from Finances Online indicates that 75% of people currently working at companies where they had a positive candidate experience during the hiring process said that the positive experience influenced their decision to accept the offer. How critical do you think this is for project-based businesses that are continuously rehiring former employees and contractors?

Recruiting Expertise

If the candidate experience is highly important, the recruiter expertise must support that experience. Company size doesn't matter when it comes to the recruiters being an intricate part of a successful business. They are at the heart of the HR family which requires them to always be on top of their game and wear many different hats. Recruiters are not only required to have the skills to find, review, and hire the right talent, but there is an element to their skills that require some psychology of being a people person. The company defines itself through its brand however recruiters must live and exemplify the brand, developing and maintaining the candidate relationship with a proactive recruiting strategy that prepares for future projects.

Deltek Reporting Tool

Companies cannot know how successful they are without a way to look at their individual HR trends. HR should be able to quickly and easily analyze:

  • Are Recruiters meeting hiring demands and what their time to fill numbers are
  • HR should have the ability to measure turnover vs. retention, and attrition rates
  • Managers need to understand where skill gaps are along with performance trends

Having a reporting tool as part of a Talent Suite is essential. Gauging success can be difficult but with a wholistic HR solution that includes a robust reporting tool like DRT, Talent sets up our customers for success as you're able to evaluate where gaps are and establish development plans. And don't forget, every customer has DRT as it is part of your Talent solution.

Intentional Engagement

Another theme or trend is Intentional Engagement as society is living in a disconnected world and not for any one particular reason. It is no longer the pandemic controlling our interaction with one another, although it certainly was the catalyst that has driven us into a more hybrid workforce. This is why companies must evaluate how to reconnect with their employees by being intentional with their communication methods.

How does HR know if employees are engaged or disengaged, productive or somewhat productive, or even disconnected altogether? As part of Human Capital strategies, intentional engagement must be at the top of the list as part of any HR tool evaluation. It is important the tool provides both automated communication methods as well as the ability to track more individual and personal conversations, even something as simple as tracking notes regarding conversations. Talent is flexible and robust with the various communication features such as Notification Events, Letter Templates, Talent Relationship Management, Continuous Feedback, Employee Recognition, and much more that reinforces an engaged workforce.

Stay tuned for part 2 where my partner Dave Lee will round out how Talent aligns with HR Trends that secures project success. He will explain how the human connection plays a huge role in Performance Wellness, how to leverage Self-Service Tools, the importance of Upskilling and Reskilling and lastly touch on Remote Learning.


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