Transforming the Practice of Architecture through Technology: Deltek Acquires ArchiSnapper

August 06, 2021

For more than 35 years, Deltek has worked closely with architecture and engineering firms around the world to deliver the best project-based solutions to empower their businesses. As the needs of the industry change, Deltek continues to invest in innovation and technology that empowers architects and engineers to deliver better projects.

As Deltek strives to empower companies to streamline the practice of architecture, Deltek is excited to announce the acquisition of ArchiSnapper – the number one field application specifically designed for architects and engineers. ArchiSnapper takes the hassle out of drafting architectural field reports. It is a mobile and cloud application that helps architects and engineers conduct paperless site inspections, automate field reports and punch lists, and improve collaboration with all parties involved.

What is ArchiSnapper?

ArchiSnapper was founded in 2012 for an architecture studio looking for easier field reporting and punchlist applications. Since then, ArchiSnapper has offered users an easy field application that saves hours of time and produces the highest quality field reports and punch lists.

If your architects and engineers are still struggling with paper forms, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to create field reports, Deltek + ArchiSnapper streamlines the entire site management process with an online tool and field app on smartphone or tablet. The app is very easy to use and users can be up and running quickly, without requiring hours of training. Here are some of the reasons your company should take a closer look at ArchiSnapper:

Paperless Inspections and Field Reports

Completing site reports often requires uploading and downloading dozens of images, deciphering and typing out the handwritten notes, adding annotations to photos and floor plans with antiquated drawing tools, then spending time formatting reports in Microsoft Word, wasting valuable time and creating unnecessary frustration for your team. As firms look to transform their processes to more digital and paperless options, they need something quick and simple without sacrificing the quality their clients expect.

ArchiSnapper users can take photos, add text, view and annotate drawings and assign punch list items all from their smartphone or tablet on site to expedite field work and eliminate unnecessary manual manipulation back in the office. Unlike construction-focused field apps, ArchiSnapper enables teams to quickly create customized and branded field reports and punch lists that meet the needs specific to architects.

Deltek Acquires ArchiSnapper

Create Impressive Field Reports Automatically

The deliverables of architects and engineers represent their company and brand, so it’s critical that the reports radiate the aesthetic, quality and professionalism clients expect from architects in less time. ArchiSnapper automatically generates impressive field reports that can easily be emailed to anyone with just a single click. To ensure consistency and continuity, users can customize the report layout with branding and style preferences that produce professional-looking reports that will impress their clients. Users can leverage email templates to quickly send reports to clients and track sent history.

Deltek Acquires ArchiSnapper

Review and Annotate Drawings Electronically

Managing drawings and project documents often results in stacks of papers and physical markups which can lead to outdated changes and project team members not getting the updates they need in a timely manner.

With ArchiSnapper, team members don’t need to carry around stacks of drawings, but can easily view and annotate drawings from any device to expedite the project process. During walkthroughs, just click on the floor plan to add an observation on the right spot, to show contractors exactly where an item is located and avoid costly misunderstandings and mistakes.

Deltek Acquires ArchiSnapper

Easily Get Up and Running with ArchiSnapper

Unlike other field apps, users can get up and running quickly with ArchiSnapper. Architects and engineers can discover the tool with a free trial, explore the tool firsthand and invite team members to join the account. The field app is so easy and intuitive, users can be creating paperless field reports in no time. After trying the app, users can quickly and easily complete their purchase online to leverage the power of ArchiSnapper for every project. You can easily add or remove users as needed. No strings attached: cancel, add or remove users any time.

Continuing to Transform Architecture & Engineering

Deltek continues to empower architects and engineers to transform their businesses with technology. Deltek + ArchiSnapper is just one example of this ongoing innovation and focus. Deltek is excited to partner with customers, industry leaders and industry organizations to find new ways to transform the industry. In addition to Deltek’s ongoing strategic partnership with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Deltek will soon announce the next generation of specification solutions in North America that will continue to challenge architects and engineers to change the way they deliver projects for the better.

Deltek will share more about Deltek + ArchiSnapper and the future of specification solutions at our upcoming user conference, Deltek Insight, September 14-15.


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