Capabilities of Deltek Project Information Management

Revolutionize how your business manages information

Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) provides access to critical enterprise-wide and project specific information in one central location and is uniquely tailored for AEC firms faced with the never ending challenge of organizing massive amounts of information.  In a growing world of Building Information Management (BIM) and collaborative design, you need the right tools to manage and deliver your projects. Deltek’s Project Information Management provides the features you need, using the latest technology, allowing you to drive efficiency, reduce risk and bring your teams together.

Drawing Management

Structure your design production with standard processes that are built to meet the needs of your project teams, ensuring streamlined access and full visibility.

  • Create drawings from prebuilt libraries for greater efficiency and to ensure adherence to your design standards
  • Use design register for creating, managing, filtering, sorting and reporting on design files
  • Automatically generate and send transmittal sheets when sending out documents

Email Management

Take control of your email communication. PIM provides one central place to store, search and access your communication history. Eliminate silos and provide efficiency, transparency and accountability.

  • Quickly catalog and store your emails and attachments from Outlook to Deltek’s Project Information Management
  • Deep filters and rapid search eliminates the challenge of digging for emails and attachments buried in various email chains and inboxes
  • Reduce risk by consolidating project communication and provide transparency and accountability

Document Management

Consolidate, search and retrieve your files from a system designed for efficient storage, management and access to empower your entire firm with a file management system that saves your team hours of wasted time digging for documents.

  • Implement your firms standards and enforce compliance with standard document management workflows
  • Manage documents as a single copy that is available where it is needed to reduce duplication and ensure everyone has the latest version
  • Mitigate risk and create a culture of accountability with a version controlled, auditable archive of all of your project files

Mobile Working

Arm your team with the essential information they need when they are away from their desk with a robust set of tools designed for today’s mobile workforce.

  • Create full detail punch-lists and field reports with images directly from your smart phone
  • Access the documents, emails, images and drawings you need when you need them, wherever you may be
  • Give your team the ability to access, capture and save data easily while on-site

Revit Integration

Reduce down time and increase utilization for your production team by integrating Deltek PIM with your Revit system.

  • Quickly create and issue design documentation following your firms formal issue processes
  • Automate file production directly from your Revit model to increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Issue your .rvt files using a download link, giving you control over the access to your designs

Contract Management

Track the release and communications around your contracts from a single interface giving you 360 degree visibility and reducing risk

  • Central system to create, monitor and complete supply chain communication, such as RFIs and Change Orders
  • Standardize your contract documentation and ensure consistency by using templates
  • Enable external partners to respond to contract workflows and reduce administrative burden