3 Strategies to Win More Government Bids and Contract Awards

Posted by Nick Schiffler on August 15, 2019

For anyone involved in sales, marketing, or business development who works for a company that deals with selling to the public sector, you’ll know that the market is ferociously competitive. At GovWin, we’ve noticed that the most successful government contracting businesses are taking similar steps to gain efficiency and give themselves the best chance to win a government contract award, bid, or RFP.


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Here are three strategies that we are seeing proactive businesses utilize, that you can adopt in order to both optimize your government sales processes and win more government bids and contract awards.

1. Plan Well In Advance of Government Bids

If you’re waiting for new federal or state and local government bids, RFPs, or contract vehicles to be released before taking action, you’re already behind. The contractors that are winning government bids are identifying upcoming opportunities well in advance and connecting with the buyer well before the contract goes out to bid.

Tools like GovWin IQ are indispensable for those companies looking to put together proactive government business development strategies. GovWin’s platform covers opportunities months, or even years, before they go out to bid in the form of forecast pre-RFP intelligence, and long-range projects that have already been planned and funded by the government. Your government sales team can use this information to develop a long-term, actionable pipeline.

“As a women-owned small business with a lean business development team, efficiency is key for us. GovWin IQ’s intuitive search and alerts gets us the detailed opportunity information we need quickly.”

-Frank Muller, President, Business Development, Smith Federal Solutions

2. Find Quality Teaming Partners to Work With

Often, small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from teaming up with a larger contractor that has more name recognition to go after a bid. Conversely, bigger enterprise-level businesses can sometimes gain access to government contracts and contract vehicles they might not otherwise have had access to by partnering with a small business, an 8(a) government contractor, or a firm fitting into one of a number of set-aside categories.

Locating quality teaming partners in a specific location, level of experience, or set-aside category is an easy task when you have access to our exclusive GovWin Network of contacts. Getting in touch with the right contact is a winning strategy that can send you down the path towards getting in on that next big government bid or RFP.

3. Dive Deep for Data on Spending and Contract Awards

A foolproof strategy to getting ahead of the competition? Arming yourself with more information than them. Successful companies that do this are able to identify agency contacts, spending trends, and government purchasing history to build a powerful proposal strategy.

GovWin IQ provides this information and much more. Many of our clients find that the work we do to capture the most information related to government spending and contract awards helps them to save valuable time in their day-to-day processes.

“With all the legwork that GovWin does, talking to contractors around the country and various agencies, they develop the information that we would’ve had to spend a lot of time and legwork to develop.”

-Tony Petroccitto, U.S. West/Pacific Federal Program Manager, GHD

In conclusion, we’ve found that the companies that are the most successful at selling to the government must be able to support higher rates of growth in an efficient manner, all while maximizing their time and budget so they are able to go after the best-fitting leads. Many of them are doing so by leveraging the industry-leading market intelligence available within GovWin IQ.

Want to learn more? Just click the link below to get a first-hand glimpse at how GovWin IQ is helping many organizations to enhance their public sector market strategies and grow government sales.


GovWin IQ

See the GovWin Platform for Yourself

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