How Project Information Management Powers AEC Project Success

Posted by Deltek on November 10, 2020

How Project Information Management Powers AEC Project Success

There is no denying that 2020 has been a year for the books. Within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, project managers, engineers, architects and business leaders have shifted their processes to accompany a more diverse and distributed way of working. With a workforce that is partially or even fully remote, inefficiencies with project information management have certainly come to the forefront.

According to The Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM), 92% of organizations believe that change is necessary and that they must modernize their information management strategy. 86% of organizations see failure to digitize and automate business inputs as a key transformation bottleneck.

Whether at home, in the office, or on a job site – AEC firms are exploring the best way to process documents and manage project information to keep employees engaged and productive while also boosting firm profitability and utilization rates. Once contracts, drawings and specifications, or bid solicitations are out the door, how do teams track the status of these documents?


Power AEC Success with Project Information Management

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In the whitepaper, Power AEC Success with Project Information Management, you’ll discover solutions to some of the AEC industry’s most common challenges with managing project information, particularly when managing information remotely, including four ways to tackle project information management.

Highlights include:

The Project Management Challenge

According to the Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study, project workload and overall financial performance have remained strong, however, project management metrics indicate significant room for improvement. For example, nearly 30% of projects are not on budget – and almost 35% are behind schedule. So, how do firms navigate these challenges, while accounting for today’s evolving workforce?

Improving Data Management

It’s important to recognize the impact that data and data management have on the AEC industry – and how this trend has amplified given the new remote-working landscape. In the 2019 Big Data and AI Executive Survey by NewVantage Partners, 69% of respondents said they have not created a data-driven organization, while 72% said they have yet to “forge a data culture.” Building structure around disparate information is critical to keep project profitability and employee productivity on track.

The Email Challenge

Email is the most common way of sharing information at AEC firms, but this consumes nearly 28% of an employee’s time (McKinsey). That’s two to three hours per day. Although email is the most popular way to share information, it isn’t the only way companies are doing so, which begs the question — what is the most efficient way to share files and information?

On-Site Challenges and Solutions

Although data and email management pose potential risk in regard to project completion and profits, another added twist to project information management in the AEC industry is on-site work and construction management. Paper forms, drawings and specifications, and environmental factors all come into play. How does this information get from the job site back to the team quickly?

Discover best practices to better manage your project information from our industry experts, including four ways to tackle project information management in the whitepaper, Power AEC Success with Project Information Management.

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