Transform Your Workforce: Unlocking the Power of AI and UX with the Latest from Deltek Talent Management

July 01, 2024
Dinah Ribarsky
Dinah Ribarsky
Product Marketing Manager
Unlocking the Power of AI and UX With the Latest from Deltek Talent Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of human capital management, Deltek Talent Management 18.0 sets a new standard for efficiency and usability. This latest release is a testament to Deltek's commitment to innovation, delivering a host of new features designed to streamline HR workflows, enhance the user experience, and optimize the employee lifecycle. Read on to discover some of the highlights in this release.

New Dashboard Intuitive navigation with a new menu style and revamped dashboard

Unlock Efficiency with Deltek Dela™

Deltek Dela, our AI-powered business companion, takes center stage across Talent Management, offering several intelligent features designed to rive efficiency across various HR processes.

Recruit faster with intelligent automation: Crafting job requisitions has never been easier. With AI-generated job descriptions, users can quickly generate job-specific content, speeding up the recruitment process and ensuring consistency across postings.

  • Streamline HR workflows: Save valuable time with AI-generated letter templates. Whether for onboarding, candidate interviews or other workflows, these templates provide a quick and professional way to communicate.
  • Easily identify applicant fit: Located directly on the resume dashboard, the Candidate Relevancy Score helps hiring managers quickly assess the suitability of applicants, ensuring the right fit for the job.
  • Optimized appraisal feedback: Refine performance feedback with AI-supported appraisal comments to help evaluators provide clear and professional feedback, enhancing the quality of performance reviews.
  • Deliver learning content faster: Deploy learning content more efficiently with AI-drafted learning paths and course descriptions. Reduce the time it takes to get essential training materials into employees' hands and foster continuous development across your business.

AI AssistantCreate job-specific content quickly with AI-generated job descriptions

Improved User Experiences

Deltek Talent Management brings a reimagined user interface that enhances the overall user experience, making navigation more intuitive and personalized.

  • Updated dashboard and new menus: Enjoy a modern and personalized experience with an updated dashboard, enhanced navigation, multiple theme options and dark mode to reduce eye strain.
  • Improved learning search: Access learning content more easily with larger course icons and clearer representations of available learning materials.
  • Enhanced navigation for managers: Gain better visibility into employee appraisals, goals, and more with improvements to the “My Employees” view, making it easier to manage and track employee performance.
  • In-App Guidance: Maximize software adoption and efficiency with contextual support and announcements delivered directly within the product, ensuring your business gets the most out of its investment.

My Employees NavigationImproved manager experience with “My Employees” navigation enhancements

Self-Service Features for Quicker Action

For administrators, the latest release of Talent Management delivers new self-service features that simplify and expedite essential tasks.

  • Easily create and manage API tokens: Generate API tokens quickly and securely, enabling seamless integration with third-party applications and systems.
  • Streamline password management with SSO: Configure third-party Single Sign-On (SSO) identity providers effortlessly, enhancing security and simplifying access for users.

Deltek Talent Management: Driving Innovation and Improvement

Deltek Talent Management is designed to make your talent initiatives stronger and more effective. By embracing the latest advancements in AI and user experience, this release empowers HR professionals to hire, manage, and maintain their workforce with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness. Keep your workforce ahead of the curve and experience the future of talent management today.


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