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May 21, 2021
Pete Mann
Sr. Vice President of Corporate Development and Product Alliances

By Pete Mann, SVP of Corporate Development and Product Alliances, Deltek

From purchasing products and services to travel and leisure – everyday buyers are influenced in their decision making by other consumer experiences, insights and feedback. It’s no different in business. Reviews, referrals and partners all play a critical role in a customer’s buying journey.  These third-party resources used together or separately help provide the product-specific knowledge and confidence you need to make informed decisions.

For some companies, keeping up with the latest technology trends or knowing how to get the most out of their existing technology can be difficult. Researching products, talking to vendors, and validating options to find the right solution may not be something you have the time or resources for. And even if you did, how do you know if what you’ve selected is compatible with your existing products or will accomplish what you need it to do?

Like Deltek, many of our partners specialize in your industry and have access to our software so they can build the integrations needed to achieve your business goals. So no matter where you are in your technology journey, you can rely on the Deltek Marketplace to play a key role in solving your business challenges and providing innovative solutions to extend the power of your Deltek products.

The Power of the Deltek Marketplace

The Deltek Marketplace provides partner solutions, business services, and integrations across the project lifecycle that allow project-based businesses to unlock potential, accelerate operations and improve profitability. We’ve aligned ourselves with industry-specific software companies, to make your vendor selection easier and your implementation successful.

Whether you are looking to enhance your inventory management capabilities with Deltek Costpoint; or are considering adding a recruiting assessment to Deltek Talent Management, you’ll find solution providers designed to seamlessly integrate and address your specific needs. With close to 100 partners, bots and integrations, spanning a variety of functional areas including finance, human resources, sales and marketing, compliance, supply chain and robotic process automation – there is a solution for everyone.

And, while almost every Deltek Marketplace partner has a product that will work independently of our solutions, selecting an integrated product will take your Deltek experience to the next level.

Together Is Better

We recognize you have choices. And choosing to work with a trusted Marketplace partner with innovative solutions that makes your job easier just makes good business sense.

As your business evolves and grows, you'll want to adjust your processes to meet the market's unique challenges while maximizing your project-based business's effectiveness. Together with our ecosystem of Marketplace partners, we offer compatible products to help address your requirements and prepare you for the future – all while boosting the value of your Deltek investment.

Deltek is always looking for ways to help our customers be more successful. And we do this by delivering on our promise of providing solutions that connect and automate the project lifecycle that fuels your business. With the expertise our Marketplace partners have to build and support complementary products that work with our industry-specific software, you can go back to focusing on your business, not your technology.


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Interested in learning more? Visit the Deltek Marketplace and connect with our partners via their Contact Us form. Have questions? Contact the Marketplace team at DeltekProductMarketplace@deltek.com or reach out to your Deltek Rep to better understand the partner solutions and resources available to you.

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About the Author

As the SVP of Corporate Development and Product Alliances, Pete Mann is responsible for continuing and expanding Deltek’s acquisition and product partnership initiatives with companies that expand Deltek’s value to our customers. Connect with Pete on LinkedIn.