How To Better Manage Your Project Lifecycle

Posted by Chris Duddridge on February 7, 2017

how ERP can help you manage the project lifecyle

In the professional services industry, no two projects are alike and more often than not they are considerably different.

Whether it’s differences between resources required, project management and governance needed, or time to complete, all of this needs to be accounted for.

Which is why it’s surprising that there are so many consulting firms out there not using an individually tailored ERP solution, designed specifically to meet their needs and requirements – everything from client relationships to project management, time and expenses to financials.

At Deltek, we understand that you want to focus on your actual business while still having all the data you need to price competitively and protect your margins.

This video covers the different phases of the project lifecycle and looks at how a Deltek solution can give you all the tools you need to keep the entire project lifestyle within your team and set your firm on the path to success.