What's New in WorkBook 13.1

December 01, 2021
Regan Riddoch
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

WorkBook 13.1 allows users to streamline workflows to support faster performance and scalability. With enhancements to the user interface, components, and system checks, this release helps agencies manage large data sets, save time when collaborating with the team, and improve data integrity.

Additional checks when Enabling/Disabling employees

WorkBook has added another level of system checks to ensure that when you enable or disable a user, you can resolve any open timesheets or expenses associated with that user before doing so. Now you can be confident that your budget data remains accurate and intact when enabling or disabling a team member in the system

Upgrade to Wijmo component

We have upgraded the Wijmo component to ensure users experience WorkBook’s newest UI improvements correctly when using Apple’s Catalina operating system.  

Stored procedure re-writes and code refactoring

By re-writing and refactoring some of the stored procedures in the system, we can better ensure proper performance at scale. For example, agencies that manage large data sets will notice a faster and more streamlined experience


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