The Maconomy Web Client: A More Modern Experience

June 23, 2023
Dan Distefano
Dan DiStefano
Sr. Director, Product Strategy
The Maconomy Web Client: A More Modern Experience

Improving performance for our customers is always top of mind with every release of Deltek Maconomy. Purpose-built specifically for professional service firms, Maconomy provides a modern and intuitive way to support the unique requirements and workflow inherent in those businesses. And with every progressive release, we strive to push its capabilities to match the growth and innovation objectives of those customers. The more accessible, scalable and technologically advanced Maconomy is, the more agile, responsive, and competitive your firm can be. To that end, we’d like to introduce you to the Maconomy Web Client.

The Maconomy experience gets a tremendous boost in this latest release ─ with the newly designed Web Client ─ offering the most accessible and efficient user experience to-date.

The Maconomy Web Client is simpler, and more intuitive than its predecessor, the Maconomy Workspace Client. With a host of new usability features, the new Web Client is sure to make life easier for both novice and advanced end users. Here are just a few examples:

Streamlined Navigation, with Quick Access Menu and Recent Places

With a new bold, context-sensitive menu, the navigation within the Web experience streamlines a user’s interaction with the various workspaces by more easily recognizing navigation opportunities. With Recent Places added to the top of the menu, it is now possible to very quickly navigate back-to a workspace / record to which was previously opened, which creates further efficiencies when interacting with the solution.


In addition, the new menu also brings forward a first of its kind Maconomy ‘Quick Access’ view, which effectively allows the user to optimize the screen space by hiding the full menu, but very quickly navigate to various workspaces by simply hovering over the left icon selections. This feature is sure to save users more time while taking full advantage of the precious screen real estate, particularly when using a tablet device.

Appvl w Menu

Re-size columns, sort-by-column, filter-by-column, and export to excel in EVERY list with easily accessible options

With every table or filter in the solution, you can now easily sort ANY column and the table will dynamically adjust. Additionally, re-size columns to your liking with an easy drag, left-or-right. To top it off, with a simple click of a row-action, choose to filter any column by relevant values, more than 10 operators, in order to achieve the right row selection that fits your work needs. Finally, choose to export the filtered row selection to excel with a single click, transforming the data into a clean column-separated excel sheet.

These numerous table and filter features will be useful for users to set their personal preferences, and establish the columns, size, and sort order the user wants for their own personal view.


Table w Nav

Select-n-Edit Quick Entry

Now it is easier than ever to edit data in any field in the solution. With a simple click, you can select any part of the form, and the workspaces will dynamically change into edit mode for the field you have selected.

Select Edit

As shown below, you can more easily edit the relevant fields, and once completed, the workspace will dynamically transform back to ‘read-view’.

Job Home

Improved Self-Service Query Analyzer

The brand-new Self-Service Query Analyzer is now available, and more powerful than ever. With this new analyzer, you can save reports, re-run reports in an instant, cancel/terminate report executions, and more!


As a major step up from the Workspace Client, the re-imagined Maconomy Web Client has more functionality than ever before, having substantial and effective coverage for key organizational roles:

  • Staff
  • Approvers
  • Project Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Human Resources
  • Department Managers
  • Resource Managers
  • Reporting / Analyzer / Dashboards
  • …and more front/mid-office coverage

Join us for our summer series of Coffee Break webinars as we showcase the Web Client and help you envision how it can support your firm moving forward.


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Adopting the Maconomy Web Client

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