How to Manage In-House Agency Teams with Deltek WorkBook

April 20, 2022

By Tangram, a Deltek WorkBook Partner.

WorkBook can be used to not only manage in-house agency teams, but also manage clients and their expectations. Read on to find out more...

In-house agency teams have a tough job. For starters, they have to please their clients who also happen to be their colleagues. Because everyone is working for the same team, deadlines are often squeezed, and they are constantly having to justify their time in a way external agencies do not.

In our latest video, we illustrate the different ways WorkBook can benefit not only the in-house agency team but also but also their clients.

Job & Brief Creation

Job and brief creation are standard features of any project management system. WorkBook however, has an additional feature that can benefit the in-house team. A client portal where clients or stakeholders can be given access to their own version of WorkBook.

Depending on the permissions set, they can have the ability to create new jobs and client briefs. Meaning less admin time for project managers so they have more time to focus on the important business of job management.

In House Agency Jobs List Client View

Scheduling & Resource Management

Managing timings, resources and capacity planning is just as important for in-house teams as it is for other agencies. In WorkBook, project managers can create timelines, assign resources and hours. As a result, they can see the budgeted cost of the job and manage tasks on one of the many scheduling views.

If the client has permission, they too can see the timeline and resources assigned – so expectations can be managed. Meanwhile, resources can view their own tasks and review and collaborate on briefs.

Task Schedule Resources

To Timesheet or Not to Timesheet?

The benefits of time-sheeting for the in-house agency are numerous. Showing clients the time and effort that goes into “that quick job” being just one. Timesheets can also be used to track against the impact of client revisions and allow reporting on scope creep.

Jobs List Overrun

Check out our video to see how you can use WorkBook to manage your in-house agency team.

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