Futureproof Your Business with Scalability in the Cloud

November 01, 2022
Futureproof Your Business with Scalability in the Cloud

TwitterTweet it:'SaaS solutions don’t just make it easier for you to scale your IT capacity as your business grows, they also make it simpler and quicker to add new applications and functionalities to your IT infrastructure.'

Whether you’re expanding your team, taking on more projects, making acquisitions, or merging with other companies – if your business is scaling, your IT infrastructure needs to scale with it.

But if your IT infrastructure consists of legacy on-premises solutions, adding to it can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

Implementing a cloud solution can simplify scalability and give you the flexibility you need to futureproof your business. And businesses globally are capitalizing on these benefits – with 94% of all companies worldwide using cloud computing of some kind in their operations.

So, we’re taking a look at how adopting a cloud-based infrastructure can give you the scalability your business needs as it grows today – and tomorrow.

More Cost-Effective Scalability

We’ve already covered how migrating to cloud delivers a lower total cost of software ownership than on-premises solutions. But the benefits are amplified as your business scales and grows.

When your business outgrows the capacity of an on-premises solution you need to invest in new infrastructure and servers to support your organization. Indeed, when your server reaches 70% capacity, or your drive space is running low, you will experience a drop in server performance that will make it vital to upgrade.

This is expensive and time consuming. And the time it takes between realizing that you need extra capacity to actually putting those new servers into action can be several months.

In the cloud, you can scale your solutions at the exact rate you need them. And you can scale to the specific extent you need too, so you never end up paying for resources you don’t require.

You can also use your IT resources more strategically, leaving your people to focus on value adding tasks rather than maintaining and growing your infrastructure. Instead, you can outsource all of this work to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, and keep your own teams focused on developing your business.


“From a personal standpoint, I spend probably five or six hours less a week dealing with administrative accounting tasks than I used to. Our strategic vision for five years from now is focused on how we leverage evolving technologies to better deliver value to our clients. And you can’t just fund that from thin air. You need to have time and resources available to invest.”

– Eric Eldridge, Chief Information Technology Officer at Haley & Aldrich


Flexible Functionality Delivering Exactly What You Need

SaaS solutions don’t just make it easier for you to scale your IT capacity as your business grows, they also make it simpler and quicker to add new applications and functionalities to your IT infrastructure.

The capabilities you need from your IT are highly specific to your organization – and cloud offers the flexibility to customize the products and services you use, tailoring them to your exact business needs.

And this works both ways. With cloud, you can disable functionalities that you don’t use, too, keeping your infrastructure streamlined, relevant, and ensuring you’re only paying for services you actually use.


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A Scalable, Flexible Solution with Deltek Cloud

At Deltek, we’ve made sure our cloud solutions are designed to meet your changing needs – while saving you time and money. As your business grows, our solution can scale with you, and we offer the capability to easily add more users and functionality without additional infrastructure expenses.


“Not only did Deltek now offer a cloud-based solution, but it was one that ticked all the boxes we needed, from email, project and document management capabilities to financial tools.

– Jon Anderson, Director, Cameron+Ross


You can get rid of manual processes with integrated solutions, and our team of experts will manage everything for you, keeping you secure and compliant – and giving you your time back to focus on the projects that will help grow your business even further.

We also make implementing your cloud solution easy with the help of an onboarding specialist, so you can hit the ground running. And our Deltek Global Consulting Services group is on hand to help with your implementation, upgrade, and training needs whenever you need them.

We don’t just deliver the scalability to futureproof your cloud solution for your growth, we also provide the ongoing support to help you manage the entire project lifecycle.

Get Ready for Your Cloud Future – Today

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