Agency Network Project Worldwide on How They Enhanced Resource Management with Deltek WorkBook

December 01, 2022
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An interview with Danielle Rodgers, ERP Project Manager at Project Worldwide

Following the recent shift from physical to digital working, and from face-to-face to virtual client meetings and events and back again, many agencies have had to adapt quickly to deliver the same quality of service. The result has been a period of intense but ultimately positive change, with 51% of agencies citing 2021 as one of their best years yet. And as we enter an era of flexible working, a data-driven approach to resource management is vital to responsive collaboration.

We spoke to Danielle Rodgers, ERP Project Manager at Project Worldwide – an independent network of marketing services agencies owned and led by its employees – about how it uses data and automation to enhance resource management as part of successful project delivery.

You can catch up with the whole conversation here, or read on for the highlights.

Transforming Resource Management with Deltek WorkBook

With its teams operating remotely across the globe due to the pandemic, Project Worldwide realized it needed to make greater use of data and optimize resource management to ensure its talent could stay productive and responsive wherever they chose to work.

“We weren’t making decisions together in the office anymore, says Danielle. “Almost overnight, we became hyper-aware that change can come at a moment’s notice and that we’d need to capture accurate, real-time data to inform our decision-making.”

Working with business optimization partner Tangram, Project Worldwide adopted the cloud-based ERP application Deltek WorkBook to connect its ERP and HR systems and rally everyone around a single source of truth.

“We’ve strongly emphasized data accuracy,” says Danielle. “Visualizing and working with that data in a simple, collaborative environment gives our teams more confidence that they’re using all our resources to their full potential.”

Project Worldwide also uses Deltek WorkBook to help automate reporting and routine processes that otherwise divert talent from delivering the quality of service its clients expect.


Project Worldwide and Deltek WorkBook

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Embracing Virtual Collaboration

Traditionally, introducing new technologies and ways of working rank among the hardest changes any business must manage. However, the pandemic placed everyone in a unique position in which learning new technologies became a shared experience.

“It’s funny, but I believe collaboration has increased,” says Danielle. “Before, we may have waited until we saw somebody in person to communicate; now, we’re all eager to stay connected – and technology makes that easier than ever.”

Project Worldwide also uses Deltek WorkBook to help cultivate a culture of collaborative transparency. With everyone connected in the same virtual space, teams get the visibility they need to manage its now dispersed workforce effectively.

“We all know where people are and what they’re working on,” says Danielle. “I’m now in constant conversation with people across our agencies, and as we move towards a long-term hybrid model, our tools, including Deltek WorkBook, will help keep us aligned around our shared goals.”

A Foundation for Positive Change

That’s not to say technology alone is the driving force behind Project Worldwide’s successful shift to virtual resource management and collaboration.

Danielle believes having strong internal controls is vital to managing change during disruption, and through it, making more effective use of technology.

“We’ve been in response mode for the past two years, making quick decisions and seeking quick answers,” says Danielle. “Having the right tech is great, but your change management documentation must be accurate and up to date. That foundation keeps us grounded as we build new problem-solving strategies.”

Working closely with Tangram, Project Worldwide provides day-to-day support to help onboard its agencies to Deltek WorkBook and field the initial wave of queries. Danielle also works with Tangram to get the most from its new solution, including automated reporting requests.

“Being able to automate reporting requests from our agencies has helped us keep the lights on,” says Danielle. “And our partners at Tangram have been meeting with our key business personnel to gather all the requirements we need to make it happen.”


Choosing the Right Technology Partner

Project Worldwide has come out on the other side of the pandemic a stronger, more responsive organization.

“Like so many agencies worldwide, we’ve had to grow and stretch in ways we never thought we’d need to,” says Danielle. “But I can’t understate the importance a strong technology and business partner played in helping us navigate change.”

As for finding the right technology partner for your agency, Danielle suggests working directly with your existing ERP providers to help meet with potential partners and compare experiences with other agencies.

“You need to find the right cultural fit,” says Danielle. “We’ve worked with other organizations in the past, and while we finished projects together, there wasn’t the long-term chemistry that we found with Tangram.”

As it moves into a hybrid working model, Project Worldwide now has the connected visibility and integrated automation it needs to manage agency resources proactively and collaborate at scale to drive future growth and success.

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