At Cetrus, we believe that companies need to make informed business decisions about software licensing, based on real data and analysis.

Our platform, Cetrus Process Meter (CPM), works to provide application and licensing use data to help you optimize licenses, save money, contain costs, and increase profits. Various Plug-ins are what provide functionality to the platform.

CPM’s Plug-in, Expense-2-Project (E2P), works especially well with Deltek Vision. E2P allows application use to be associated to projects for billing and analysis. Vision pulls this information from an imported file, and the charges are automatically applied to each project for easy additional revenue.



E2P is the “money maker” Plug-in. It allows companies to analyze how projects use software and bill for application use. E2P works by associating exact time spent on an application with projects down to the file level.

E2P converts software from an overhead expense to a cash generating asset. One can also justify the cost of new licenses by showing management the need and profitability of each application.

Import E2P files easily into Deltek Vision to automatically charge projects for application use.


Activity Monitor

Do you know what applications are being used, when, or who’s using them? If not, Activity Monitor is for you. Activity Monitor is a Plug-in to the CPM platform which tracks application use at the desktop.

Activity Monitor uses an Agent to capture activity states (Active, Inactive, and Timeout) so you see how applications are being used. With this data, and CPM’s dynamic reports, you can visualize your software use and determine how many licenses are needed.

*Note: Our LMAP Plug-in talks to NLM Server(s) and is used to provide licensing data. It is included in all Activity Monitor subscriptions.