Email Communications Policy

Last revised 6/5/2015

This email communication policy is directed to members of Deltek's mailing lists and email notifications. The policy addresses what mailing lists Deltek maintains and what mailing list options are available, as well as how users can update or change their information or preferences.

More general information for visitors to the Deltek web site can be found on pages specific to those topics available through the links below.

Legal Notices

If you feel Deltek is not abiding by this policy, please contact us at

This email communications policy covers the following:

1. Deltek email policy overview

2. What mailing lists Deltek maintains and your subscription options

3. Changing your subscription preferences

4. Third party mailings

5. Contacting Deltek about your privacy

6. Notification of changes to this privacy policy

Deltek email policy overview

Deltek maintains both an opt-in and opt-out policy in regard to its marketing and promotional mailings and mailings as part of an ongoing relationship we have with an individual or business. We do not send email to individuals who have requested that these mailings not be sent to them.

Your right to control what mailings, if any, you receive from Deltek is important to us. The information below will assist you in understanding the different mailing options you have and how you can notify us of changes in the mailings you wish to receive or to unsubscribe in general.

Though we may include announcements from partners or other third parties in some mailings, we do not provide mailing lists to third parties or distribute the Deltek mailing list to third parties.

What mailing lists Deltek maintains and your subscription options

Support Alerts and Product News - Support, Technical and Customer-Only Communication

  • Deltek frequently emails product security and technical, product-related communications as well as communications on product updates including beta availability, service packs, minor fixes, major new releases, general update availability, download instructions and user groups and events. Also included under this category may be email communications on unexpected service interruptions; e-support announcements; general support notifications and news; service changes; other general communications on user group and conference notices; newsletters; product tips; training; services and events.
  • Deltek frequently mails critical support and technical alerts, information related to security and software issues, as well as information pertaining to third-party products and when they may be supported with Deltek products. Deltek also mails announcements relating to discontinued support and other product-specific information. Log in to Deltek e-Support to manage your subscription to this list.

Deltek Mailing Lists - Other Mailings and Newsletters

  • Deltek University/Training - Information about Deltek University Courses and education
  • Deltek Insight Conference - Information & Updates related to our annual Deltek Insight Conference – highlighting Registration, Sessions, Speakers, Award Nominations and general event info.
  • Events and Webinars - Information about live webinars, virtual roundtables/meetings, upcoming events and recorded webcasts
  • Research & Analysis (Whitepaper, Downloads, Ebooks, Case Studies) - Your access to resources and materials, providing you with industry trends, surveys, and product expert analysis and information.
  • Newsletter - "Deltek Insights" - Monthly business newsletter highlighting Professional Services, Consulting, Agencies and Architecture and Engineering news and analysis from around the world.
  • Newsletter - Events - Provides updated information on upcoming scheduled events.
  • Newsletter - GovWin Recon - Daily business newsletter highlighting federal government contracting news and analysis from around the government contracting world.

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Other email notifications

Answer update notifications

Visitors to the Deltek support site can request (or automatically receive) automated notification when specific answers are updated. You may choose to receive these notifications when viewing the answer you would like to receive notification about.

Acknowledgement emails

Deltek typically sends an automated email confirmation when a form is completed requesting information from Deltek.

Customer support incidents and responses

Responses to customer support pre-sales support requests are handled through email.

Changing your subscription preferences

Deltek mailing lists

Customer communications

As a Deltek customer or partner, you can update your mailing preferences at any time by visiting Deltek's Customer Mailing Subscription page through e-support or by following the convenient links located at the bottom of any email from Deltek. Requests submitted through one of these methods are processed and effective within 10 days of the request.

Non-customer communications

As a web site visitor who has requested that we send you email updates, you can update your subscription preferences or unsubscribe through Deltek's Mailing Subscription page. Requests submitted through this form are processed and effective within 10 days of the request.

Removal from all Deltek mailing lists

In addition to the methods described above, you may email a request to or following the convenient links located at the bottom of any email from Deltek. Regardless of the notice method, any "unsubscribe" request will be processed and effective within 10 days of the request.

Third party mailings

Occasionally, Deltek may contract with a third party to communicate on Deltek's behalf to the third party's contacts. We do not collect your email address or contact information from this third party and we do not have access to their mailing list.

Depending on the nature of the third party mailing, we may, in order to comply with applicable laws, provide the third party with a suppression list of contacts to exclude from their list. The third party does not have permission to keep or market to this list, or to use it in any way other than as a suppression list for a mailing they are providing on Deltek's behalf.

Contacting Deltek about this policy

If you have any questions about this policy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this web site, you can contact us on

Additional contact information is available on Deltek Locations Pages.

Notification of Changes in This Privacy Policy

Changes to this privacy policy will be posted to the Deltek web site. Though we will not change this policy in such a way to significantly reduce a user's expected level of privacy, we do encourage users to return to the privacy policy periodically to review the policy and to consider any changes.