What's New in Talent 16.4

November 24, 2021

The end of the year 2021 is coming quickly if you can believe it. As we get ready for the New Year, the Deltek Talent Management team has been working incredibly hard on the 16.4 release. Human Capital Management processes continue to more important than ever, especially with so many people deciding to leave their current positions. As organizations are trying to retain their top talent, our team has been focused on how to continue to support project-based businesses and all their needs. Let's take a look at some of the most impactful items coming in the 16.4 release, in order of the candidate/employee life cycle.


One of the main themes for the release of 16.4 is modernization. This release features lots of updates to the user interface of Deltek Talent Management, all of which allows users to feel even more comfortable using the product. We have updates to the Acquisition module, Learning module, and Deltek Reporting Tool.


The Acquisition module continues to focus on making the candidate experience from hire to onboarding simple. Recruiters will now have a quick snapshot of their requisition effectiveness with a new Recruitment Funnel. The funnel will display the total number of requisition views, applications started, completed applications, total number of offers and number of hires all within the Requisition Details page. Along with this great new feature, we've updated the Onboarding Queue Page by adding new flags, filters and a visual export indicator where all pertinent new employee information is viewable within one screen without having to scroll across the page.


Core HR

Core HR helps you spend less time managing employee information and more time focused on what drives your business forward acquiring, developing, and retaining top talent with a single solution to manage every aspect of your human capital. An exciting new feature is the ability for Employee Files and have been added as part of the Employee profile.

Performance & Development

Our Performance & Development module will be getting an exciting new feature to help keep employees engaged with our new Company-wide Employee Recognition. This feature will allow employees to recognize others for the excellent work in both a public or private way, keeping teams more connected while apart. We have also added the feature of 360 Administration that provides administrators the ability to launch 360 assessments one at a time or in bulk.



Our Learning module is getting an exciting modernization update with a user friendly search functionality and ability to renew certifications prior to expiration, which is especially important to project-based businesses. When users are searching for content in the learning module filters have been moved to the left, making it easy to find relevant content quickly. Along with this update, users are able to Renew Certifications Prior to Expiration.


Deltek Reporting Tool (DRT)

Deltek Reporting Tool will be getting an update with a new Deltek Reporting Tool Chart Builder User Interface which provides an easier way to view and create charts once a report has been built giving users the ability to see data in a variety of new chart styles.

Core Framework

Within the core framework, the release of 16.4 introduces the ability for 2-step authentication when logging in and an update to the user interface of the tool. This enhancement meets company policy requirements and improves user security. As soon as users login to the Talent Dashboard they will be greeted with modernized graphs, charts and widgets.

As you can tell, 16.4 is absolutely packed with amazing functionality that the Deltek team has worked incredibly hard to design and deliver. We are extremely excited about this release, and we are hopeful that all of our customers will enjoy all of this new functionality, culminating in significant positive impact on their businesses.


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