Learn How to Get More from Vantagepoint with Virtual Workshops

July 24, 2020

Whether your business looks different today than it did when you started using Vantagepoint or you are just looking for ways to improve how you leverage Vantagepoint to run your business, Deltek has virtual training workshops to help you get more from your solution. Benefit from attending these half-day, virtual “hands-on” workshops that integrate industry best practices with key processes to fully leverage your Vantagepoint software.

While delivered in a virtual format, each workshop will include training, discussions and live lab environments.More workshop dates are being added regularly, so check back often for new updates.

Deltek Vantagepoint Workshop Dates

Whether you’re focused on accounting, finance, marketing, human resources or more, there are virtual sessions that cover a wide variety of helpful topics. Check out the list of classes below and register today!

Workflows | October 8, November 5 and December 10, 2020

Learn how creating workflows can create data consistency and provide better and timely alerting in your database by automating steps that are redundant within your firm. Several example workflows will be demonstrated and reviewed, with plenty of time for attendees to create their own workflows, ask questions, and troubleshoot during the session.

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Revenue Generation | October 1, October 5 and October 13, 2020

Vantagepoint’s revenue generation feature allows companies to define how revenue is earned, instead of simply basing revenue on invoicing. Join this session to review the system's standard methods and how they can be modified to better use them at your firm.  This session will also cover creating user defined fields to create revenue methods to earn revenue over a specific time period and the use of the system's Revenue Groups feature.

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CRM Dashboards | October 8 and October 20, 2020

Vantagepoint Dashboards are very powerful and can be used to help Team Members easily see key pipeline data and upcoming milestones. During this session, we'll explore the standard dashboards that may be of interest to CRM users. We will work through examples of modifications to existing dashparts and dashboards, both as a chart-type and table-type dashpart. 

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Accounts Receivable | October 15, November 9 and November 17, 2020

Vantagepoint has made approving client invoices easy with the interactive approvals module, with several exciting updates released in Vantagepoint 3.0. Join this session to see how you can be using the software to shorten the time it takes to bill and speed up collections. Additionally, this session will cover the retainer and retainage functions that are available in the system, as well as have a review of the invoice template editor options that have been released in recent versions of the database.

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Firms, Contacts and Pursuits | October 22, 2020

In this session we will learn tips and tricks for capturing client/prospect relationship and pipeline information. We will review processes for updating pursuit to move them through their pursuit stages using Project List View. With List View, users can quickly and easily update records in a manner similar to updating a spreadsheet. Plus, the List View allows for filtering records which can be much faster than doing searches.

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Human Resources in Vantagepoint | October 29, 2020

As the one source of truth for your organization, Vantagepoint can be used by your Human Resources department to track HR related requirements such as FMLA or Training. The systems robust workflow capabilities can be used by the HR team to calculate things like cumulative term of service, short/long term disability premiums and more. The session will cover creating a process to progress absence requests through the approval process and the allocation of benefit hours for use by staff.

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CRM Reports 1 | November 5 and November 10, 2020

The first of two sessions is devoted to CRM reporting. In this session, we'll focus on pursuit reporting and create saved favorites for active pursuit lists and a forecast of potential revenue and your pipeline. There are some key project fields that drive the forecast report and we'll review each one and the different options for producing a forecast. 

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Time & Expense | October 22, October 26 and November 12, 2020

Join this session to learn more about ways to leverage the time and expense modules to better allocate costs, manage outside consultant time efficiently, and roll out the mobile application to your users.  Both the time and expense approval workflows will be discussed and demonstrated.

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CRM Activity Tracking | November 17, 2020

Let's go in-depth on Activity Tracking in Vantagepoint. There are many ways to capture activities to make it as easy as possible for business development actions and touchpoints to be recorded and visible to others. We'll explore how to use activities in the most effective and efficient ways to stay on top of key relationships and ensure follow-ups are completed in a timely manner. The Outlook Add-in and the Touch CRM app are additional tools that give users give quick and easy access to CRM information and their activities.  Plus, with the talk-to-text function in most smartphones today, the recording of an activity is a snap.

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Accounts Payable | November 19, December 1 and December 15, 2020

As companies are adopting a more remote workforce, the days of passing a folder of invoices for approval around the office are largely behind us.  Join this session to review accounts payable features that are in Vantagepoint that can help streamline your business processes, such as utilizing the AP Invoice Approval feature, paying your vendors seamlessly via EFT, and creating positive pay files to upload to your bank when required.

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CRM Reports 2 | December 1, 2020

This is the second of two CRM reporting sessions.  Hit rate or success rate is a very important metric but can often take quite a bit of time to generate at the end of the year. This can be especially true if you want to see a hit rate in various ways, such as by Project Type, or by Office, or by Business Developer, or even by Client. With the standard Project Hit Rate report, you can sort or group the report by most project fields and then save each sort/group as a separate favorite report.  Learn how to save time and hassle generating multiple views of your firm's pursuit success rate. 

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Purchasing | December 3, 2020

The Purchasing Module allows companies to issue purchase orders to their consultants or vendors and seamlessly track committed expenses throughout the life of their projects. Join this session to learn more about how using the purchasing module can give greater visibility into upcoming costs and speed up the approval process of invoices that are attached to an approved PO.

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Marketing Campaigns, Contact Qualification and Contact Mailings | December 15, 2020

Marketing Campaigns have been used by Professional Services firms for a variety of marketing efforts. Join this session to explore common uses, such as organizing and recording information related to contact and prospect mailings, newsletters, conferences and tradeshows, company events, and more. We will enable contact qualification and go through the processes for entering new leads, including them in campaigns, and nurturing them with the goal of converting these leads to qualified contacts with new pursuits. During the session, we will explore methods for producing mailing lists and campaign reports.

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Financial Reporting | November 3, December 8 and December 17, 2020

Even some long term users of Vantagepoint are not aware of the innovative ways the system can be used to format their financial reports. This session will cover creating P&L statements that organize profit centers in a columnar format, general ledger budgeting, and yearend forecast reporting.  Users will have the ability to review some standard Account Group tables that are used to create summarized financial statements, and utilize the hands on time to see how changes to these tables effect reporting in the database.

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More Information

Discounts are available for 4 or more ($120) off, or 8 or more ($400) sessions per company.  You can blend the topics and blend the participants to get more out of your investment.

If you have questions on any of the workshops outlined above, please contact the Vantagepoint Services Team.