Easily Manage Purchase Orders from Any Browser with Vantagepoint

December 01, 2021

In the latest release, Vantagepoint users that own Purchasing can now manage Purchase order and Items in the browser. These new enhancements streamline the purchase order process, make it easier for project managers to view requisitions and purchase orders from Project review and simplify the review process with images.

Items in Any Browser

For any item record, you can now add an image so users will know exactly what they are purchasing. Also, there is a new Link URL to take a user to additional information found outside of Vantagepoint.

Vantagepoint Purchasing

Users can also attach documents to items regardless of Purchase Order status.

Purchase Order Form in any Browser

In the latest release, there is also a new “Mark Final” process, streamlining how purchase orders are finalized. With the new Purchase Order browser interface, all steps to approve and finalize a purchase order are clearly shown in the VIP actions.

Vantagepoint Purchase Order Form

Add Purchase Order Vendor on the Fly

If a user has the proper security rights, the user can quickly add a new vendor while creating the Purchase Order, saving time and simplifying the purchase order process.

Vantagepoint Purchasing, Add Vendor

Purchasing Details Now in Project Review

Project managers can now see purchase requisitions and purchase orders for a given project from project review. There is a new “Purchasing” tab in Project Review, making it easier for project managers to have visibility into all aspects of their project in one place.

Vantagepoint Purchasing Details

Lastly, if your firm utilizes Purchase Order Approval Workflows, Purchase Order approvals will now be available in the Vantagepoint Approval Center.

Vantagepoint Purchase Order Approvals

Definitely check out these great new Purchasing features released in Vantagepoint 4.5! To enable purchase order and items in the browser, administrators will need to turn on the feature flag located in Settings > General > Modules. 

Enable Vantagepoint Purchasing