Overcome Challenging Danish Regulatory Requirements with the Latest Deletk WorkBook Release

June 24, 2024
Mike McLean
Mike McLean
Product Director
Overcoming Danish Regulatory Requirements with WorkBook

In the ever-evolving regulatory landscape staying compliant is both a necessity and a challenge for businesses worldwide. One such regulatory framework that impacts virtually any business operating in Denmark is the Danish Bookkeeping Act. This comprehensive set of regulations governs the financial transactions and record-keeping practices of all Danish businesses, ensuring transparency, accountability and integrity in their financial operations.

That’s why we are excited to introduce Deltek WorkBook 13.5, our latest version designed with a keen focus on supporting our users with the Danish Bookkeeping Act. Adherence to the Act can be quite complex, given the functional and data accessibility requirements set forth by the Danish authorities. The functional requirements range from the introduction of Electronic Invoicing as a means to send and receive invoices in Denmark, to the updates in DK VAT requirements, introduction to the Danish tax authority (SKAT), and finally, a newly introduced requirement surrounding SAFT reporting. This can feel daunting to many organizations doing business in Denmark. If you are a WorkBook user, you can be rest assured we have you covered with these features and more.

The cornerstone of WorkBook 13.5 is its integration with Pagero, a leading provider of digital solutions. This integration enables our customers to send and receive e-invoices in the Danish e-invoice format. It also allows for invoice-level messaging back to clients and vendors through the Pagero platform. This feature streamlines communication, ensuring transparency and fostering trust between our users and their clients and vendors. Pagero is a third-party application and does require an additional licence fee.

Pagero invoice level messaging

In addition to WorkBook’s Pagero integration, we’ve also added an integration with SKAT, the Danish tax authority. This feature allows our Danish clients to submit VAT returns electronically and directly to SKAT.

VAT Return form dialog



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As a leading provider of project and financial management capabilities to marketing agencies worldwide, Deltek WorkBook continues its focus to invest in product improvements to support those agencies who rely on us around the globe. WorkBook 13.5 is another testament to our commitment to this.