How Investing In Our Employees Keeps Deltek a Top Workplace

June 21, 2022
Ed Hutner
Sr. Vice President of Human Resources
How Investing In Our Employees Keeps Deltek a Top Workplace

By Ed Hutner, SVP of Human Resources, Deltek

Just like many organizations, Deltek is emerging from the pandemic and navigating the changes that have impacted where we work and how we prioritize what is important. We are prepared for our new normalfocused on winning the war on talent and re-imagining our return to office.

We’ve had to learn to adapt, evolve and grow not only to meet the needs of our business but also the needs of our employees. Deltek recognizes how important it is that we support our employees around the globe and offer opportunities that will help them thrive now and in the future. But most importantly, we're investing in the things vital to our employees to keep Deltek a Top Workplace, year after year.

Prioritizing Employee Flexibility

As we focus on the future, one of the biggest challenges companies are struggling with is what their return to office looks like. Some organizations are choosing to bring all employees back in-person, while others may be opting for a more hybrid approach. For Team Deltek, we know the last two years have required many personal and professional adjustments, and have impacted how we manage our day-to-day. And as a result, we understand that Deltek needs to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing environment in which we all work. We have re-imagined how our distributed workforce operates going forward, with more hybrid and remote options, and we are excited about engaging in new ways and confident our employees will continue to innovate and grow, no matter where they work.

In addition to enhancing workplace flexibility, we’ve also introduced Deltek Project Nation Days – a benefit that allows our team to take a half-day every other Friday and gives more freedom to focus on the things important to each individual. We have found that these days have become a great addition to our culture and something our employees truly value.

Similarly, we know how important it is for employees to engage and give back outside of work, and understand how volunteering can greatly contribute to health and well-being. From donating blood to facilitating elections and supporting children in need, Team Deltek is dedicated to volunteering for causes that they are passionate about.

To help employees find the necessary time to support these causes, Deltek offers volunteer time off (VTO) hours that they can use to make a positive impact in their local communities. We are thrilled to provide this VTO opportunity to Deltek’s 3,400 employees worldwide and appreciate the difference they are making!

Focusing on Career Development

We also encourage each employee to own their career and provide a wide range of training opportunities and professional resources to accomplish this; but ultimately, each employee drives their learning journey. 

As part of this journey, we recommend all employees complete 40 hours of learning each year. To help achieve this goal, employees can take advantage of on-demand learning with self-selected courses and dedicated learning paths, available through LinkedIn Learning or LEADx, our AI-driven prescriptive coaching solution. In addition, Deltek also offers award-winning leadership development and mentoring programs that welcome multiple cohorts of employees each year to develop leadership qualities aligned to the competencies of their role.

The last several years have brought on a variety of different challenges associated with attracting and retaining employees, and like all companies, we feel the impacts of the Great Resignation and labor shortages. While sometimes difficult to manage, these vacancies have also brought new career opportunities for existing employees. Whether it’s taking on additional responsibilities and expanding roles to help bridge gaps or moving internally and applying for new positions within Deltek, we believe in growing our teams from within and offering ways to enhance and advance their careers.

Preparing for Long-Term Success

None of Deltek’s success would be possible without our dedicated employees. We believe in hiring talented people and providing them with a rich environment to develop their potential.

Our employees’ success starts on day one with our modern on boarding program, designed to provide each new hire a best-in-class experience. No matter where employees are in their Deltek career, they have access to tools and resources they need to learn the business and educate themselves to help move the company forward.

We want employees at every level to have a career that is challenging, exciting and rewarding, and that allows them to learn new skills while growing personally and professionally. Regardless of where our employees reside, our values-driven organization fosters a collaborative workplace culture where everyone’s contributions are appreciated.

Keeping Team Deltek a Top Workplace

Deltek’s priority has and always will be our people. I’m proud of the work our team has done to keep #TeamDeltek engaged – through enhanced programs, innovative thinking and new opportunities. Our people are our biggest asset and at the heart of what powers project success.

We are grateful that Deltek is a Top Workplace for 2022, being named the #9 Top Large Company in the D.C. area by The Washington Post – a distinction based solely on the results of employee feedback. This recognition is a true reflection of our great team and the amazing culture we have built together.

Thank you, #TeamDeltek, for all that you do to keep Deltek a great place to work!


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As Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Ed Hutner is responsible for Deltek’s global HR function. Ed brings over 20 years of human resource management, leadership and software experience to Deltek. Connect with Ed on LinkedIn.