Quarterly Town Hall Recap: Managing Documents with Ease, Navigate Microsoft Announcements and More

December 29, 2021
Linda Dininger
Linda Dininger
Product Marketing Manager

The Quarterly Town Halls are part of Deltek’s ongoing commitment to keep users updated on the latest releases of their solutions and what’s happening with Deltek. During the last quarterly town hall in 2021 for Deltek PIM, the product management team shares new features available in the latest release. Attendees will also receive an update regarding Deltek PIM and Microsoft technology and resources available to empower users to get the most out of the solution.


Deltek PIM Town Hall Q4 2021

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Empower Users to Access, Edit and Publish Files with Ease

Town Hall attendees received an update on a new feature to help users edit and publish files with ease: Local File Management, which replaces the PIM Working Files tool. Users have struggled with Working Files’ outdated interface, compatibility with modern browsers and general ease of use. Now Deltek PIM takes managing files to the next level with Local File Management, which delivers the same functionality as its predecessor Working Files, along with a number of enhancements. To learn more, watch this town hall and read this blog.

Users also received an update on the progress and timing of the new Universal Document Control (UDC) feature that will widen the lens of Deltek PIM by allowing businesses to connect PIM to external sources such as network folders. With this feature, users will be able to search from within Deltek PIM and find documents no matter where they reside. For more information, watch this town hall and read this blog.

What’s Coming Next in Deltek PIM?

The Deltek PIM team, led by Nick Nieder (director of product management), provided a glimpse into the next release, which includes a number of user interface improvements and enhancements to features such as document removal, document superseder, the Outlook Add-in and more. Additionally, the Deltek PIM team shares its focus for releases in 2022 and beyond. Watch this webinar to learn more.

Technical Updates Surrounding Microsoft Announcements

In this town hall, Senior Manager of Engineering Andrew Woodcock provided a few updates regarding Deltek PIM and Microsoft technology. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced its end of support for Silverlight, which is used to render some web pages within Deltek PIM. Andrew provides a resolution for Deltek PIM users to remove the dependency on Silverlight technology. Additionally, Andrew discusses Deltek PIM’s journey to remove its reliance on Internet Explorer and how to access Deltek PIM via Microsoft Edge. As we move forward, there are steps that your teams can take to prepare for the change in technology and revisit internal processes to re-engage your users. Watch this webinar or read KB Article #106710 for more information.

Customer Care Update

James Noble, manager of customer care, highlighted new tutorial videos available in the Deltek Support Center that highlight how to navigate the support center to find the information you need to get the most out of Deltek PIM.

James also reviewed details around the Deltek Secure Vault applicable to companies that host their Deltek PIM solution on their own servers. Exclusively with your authorization, the vault allows Deltek to securely store server connection and credentials so that the Deltek Support team can access your system to better support your users as needed.

Getting the Most Out of Deltek PIM with Deltek University

Anna Dixon from Customer Care highlights the improvements in the Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ) to help users find the answers they need efficiently. Contact us with your feedback on the DLZ portal so we can continue to improve the user experience.