Module Spotlight: Focus on the Big Picture with Core HR for Professional Services

July 15, 2022
Amy Champigny
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Human Resource (HR) Managers play a crucial role in project-based organizations. Their responsibilities can encompass a wide range of vital activities such as acquisition, onboarding, performance management, skill development, culture, and compensation and benefits. Keeping all these balls in the air takes a lot of time and energy to do, especially when they haven’t centralized this information or automated processes to manage it all.

On average, HR managers spend about 40% of their time on manual administrative tasks. Having all these manual tasks limits the time left for more value-added activities, such as providing an excellent employee experience to retain those key project players. In the worst cases, this lack of time can prevent HR from being seen as an important contributor to strategic planning by limiting the analytics and insights that can be provided at the executive level. Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions are the most powerful when they can give time back to HR to focus on needle moving projects for their organizations.

Deltek Talent HCM Full Suite is a complete talent management and HR solution that helps you successfully attract, engage and retain your most valuable asset, your people. As part of a holistic HCM system, Deltek Talent Core HR provides a single solution to streamline HR administration, gather employee information to facilitate strategic decisions, and reduce risk by storing auditable personal information. All of which helps you gain valuable insights into the people side of your business that will help support firm-wide growth and strategy. And when information management becomes easier by keeping everything in one place, you can focus on the big picture of your business.

Benefits of Leveraging Talent Core HR as Part of Your HCM Solution

Built with Deltek’s years of expertise in Human Resources and project-based businesses, Core HR delivers features and capabilities to help manage employee information and improve efficiency throughout the employee lifecycle. By leveraging Core HR as part of your human capital management solution, you will benefit from:

  • Self Service - By putting the management of personal data in the hands of the employee, you enable them to make updates on their own (while reducing your workload at the same time). Within Employee Self-Service, or ESS, employees are able to initiate changes to information on their profile based on the permissions you establish. These changes can trigger notifications and/or approvals before the changes go into effect, to all oversight to the information.
  • Core HR for Professional Services 
  • Automation of Manual HR Processes – Deltek‘s Core HR offering allows HR professionals to spend less time on paperwork and more time focused on what drives business success – acquiring, developing, and retaining top talent.
  • Integrated Project-Focused Human Capital Management – As a part of the Deltek Talent Management Suite, manage employee information, acquire and onboard talent faster, engage employees with project-centric performance management, and prepare for the future with succession planning and learning management.
  • Core HR for Professional Services 
  • Data-Driven Strategic Planning – Benefit from increased efficiency, improved data integrity, and better visibility into the people side of the business. This level of visibility takes the guesswork out of workforce capacity and planning.
  • Manage the Entire Employee Lifecycle – Deltek Talent Management is the one-stop-shop for managing people in project-based businesses. You will be able to manage every aspect of the employee lifecycle from a single intuitive platform.

Technology for Today's Workforce

According to the 43rd Annual Deltek Clarity Report for the A&E industry, employee turnover has increased to 13.6% across firms of all sizes, so it is more important than ever that project-based firms invest in the right tools and technology to focus on their HCM goals.

With Deltek Talent Core HR powering your HR processes, Deltek Talent HCM Full Suite is the ultimate tool to mitigate and successfully overcome the challenges brought on by the Great Resignation. Built specifically for project-based businesses, this integrated solution can help efficiently manage and track employee information, hire and on-board new team members quickly, provide ongoing feedback, easily manage employee goals, and help your employees grow to fill knowledge gaps.

Considering that it is a job seeker’s market, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your HR processes to reduce turnover and boost retention. By implementing Deltek Talent Management Suite, you’ll have the opportunity to revamp your administrative processes that aren’t working and look for ways to improve efficiency.

Technology enables HR teams to do more than drown in emails and paperwork. With Deltek Talent Core HR as a part of your solution, you will empower your organization to optimize your greatest asset, your people.


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