How to Actively Engage your Workforce with Deltek Talent Management

March 24, 2022
Liz Perkins
Product Marketing Specialist

In the midst of the Great Resignation, companies are eager to determine how to maintain or boost engagement both internally and externally. The Bureau of Labor reported that a record-breaking 4.5 million people voluntarily left their jobs in November of 2021. Because of this, many companies are looking to find ways to keep retention rates high. One of the best ways to combat declining retention rates is through greater employee engagement. Gallup defines an engaged workforce as one that is involved, enthusiastic, and committed to their work and organization. Throughout the entire employee lifecycle, all the way from pre-hire to retire, there are several ways to engage your employees using Deltek Talent Management. While engagement can seem daunting, we've broken it down into three best practices that your organization can implement now, with Deltek Talent Management, that pay huge dividends.

Make a Strong First Impression

When a new employee is onboarded, companies invest a lot of time, money, and energy into making sure the new employee is ramped up correctly and efficiently so that they are productive in their new role as quickly as possible. There can be significant negative implications if an employee has a bad onboarding experience and leaves the company, especially in the first year of their employment as there is no return on investment. In a study done by Brandon Hall Group, companies with strong onboarding programs can improve their new hire retentions by 82%. This means that organizations need to make a strong impression from the moment an offer is accepted by new hires. Their onboarding process should be easy and efficient for the new employee from paperwork, hardware/software, tools, mentoring, and in-office comfort or remote workplace best practices.

Onboarding requires establishing an ongoing communication plan well beyond the first few days, weeks, months and even past the 90 day mark. First impressions capture their interest but companies must maintain momentum with continuous engagement from Onboarding to Performance.

Talent's Acquisition module will give companies the upper hand by setting up new employees for success. Talent's Onboarding new hire portal provides flexibility to setup a Welcome Page, include a welcome video that introduces new hires to the company's culture and the ability to complete tasks even before they're fully onboarded. With a streamlined onboarding experience new hires become proficient in their new role quicker and project billing begins on time.

Communication, Communication, Communication

New employees are not the only ones that you want to engage of course. Once employees have settled into their position, it is important to maintain communication to support continuous engagement. Studies from Trade Press Services have shown that "effective internal communications motivate 85% of employees to become more engaged in the workplace."

With the Performance and Development module, you have everything you need to communicate effectively with your workforce. Inform your employees of what's going on in the organization by utilizing News & Announcements. You can also foster consistent engagement through the use of the continuous feedback feature, while keeping employees on their desired career track with continuous goal management. In addition, you can improve the employee experience by enabling your teams to recognize anyone in the organization for a job well done using a company-wide recognition board.

Create a Culture of Learning

It's common to hear the phrase "you learn something new every day", whether it be in your personal or work life. According to PwC, this couldn't be more true as 77% of employees report that they are ready to learn new skills or completely retrain in their current position at work. This is a huge opportunity for employers to engage by helping employees establish a learning path in Deltek Talent Management.

In the Learning module, managers can support employee growth by reviewing learning requests and easily enrolling them in instructor-led, online, eLearning and external courses to prepare them for the next project or role at your organization. With our trusted partner, Vector Solutions, you can easily fill your learning library with project-based learning paths to certify or upskill your employees. Also, depending on your company's needs, you can facilitate instructor-led courses, create Read & Sign attestation training, and load other e-learning content that your company may create. With the amount of learning content that Deltek Talent Management can make available to your employees, they can stay engaged by taking more control over their career.

With the Acquisition, Performance and Development, and Learning modules, companies can increase their employee engagement by getting their new hires onboarded successfully, communicating effectively with their workforce, and continuously supporting their employee's growth. By focusing on employee engagement, you can retain your new and top talent instead of losing them to the Great Resignation.


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