Enable Project Teams to Find Information Faster and Keep Projects on Track with the Latest Deltek PIM Release

October 06, 2023
Linda Dininger
Sr. Product Marketing Specialist
Find Information Faster and Keep Projects on Track with Deltek PIM

As professional services firms are looking for ways to better access and share documents and drawings amongst their project teams, Deltek is always looking for better ways to deliver project information. To help users be even more productive, this release of Deltek PIM includes a new image mode to help users find photos faster, the ability to publish snapshots of active project files to increase visibility into work in progress (WIP), a new assignments dashpart within PIM Teamwork to help keep external team members on track, an easier way to connect to third-party applications and much more!

Over the next couple of months, we will provide a more in-depth look at new features that will help your teams find information faster and keep external teams accountable and on track with assignments. Stay tuned to the Deltek PIM blog posts.

Find and View Photos More Easily

The new image mode within Deltek PIM’s drawing management system (DMS) enables project teams to find images more easily. Instead of the standard list view when searching for files, the image mode displays large thumbnails making it easier to identify the images needed. Additionally, users can quickly edit images, view/edit image metadata and more.

DMS ImageEasily find images by viewing large thumbnails in the search results

Improve Visibility into WIP Documents and Drawings

Project documents and drawings are in a constant state of flux as things inevitably change throughout the life of a project. As teams are making these changes, does the broader team have visibility into the latest information? Deltek PIM now allows users to publish snapshots of active project files, providing increased visibility into work in progress (WIP). The publishing snapshots feature is available for both files checked out of Deltek PIM through Local File Management (LFM) and for active drawing files located in network directories through Universal Document Control (UDC).

Publish SnapshotPublish snapshots of WIP project files

Keep External Team Members on Track with PIM Teamwork

The last product release introduced the Deltek PIM Teamwork module, allowing users to invite external team members into secure project spaces to view, download and upload the latest versions of project files. In this release, external team members can now access a dashpart to view their assigned tasks within Deltek PIM. Such tasks include RFIs and submittals within the Contract Management module, defect management items and observations through the Mobile Working module and more. Note: Requires PIM Teamwork module.

Teamwork AssignmentsProvide dashparts for external users to access assigned tasks


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Take a look at the Deltek PIM Teamwork module in action.

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Integrate Disparate Systems and Automate Key Workflows with Deltek Unionpoint

Deltek PIM now includes a product connector for Deltek Unionpoint, our integration platform-as-a-service (iPaas) that allows you to build, deploy and manage integrations to and from Deltek PIM. This connector simplifies the authentication process, allowing your system administrator to more easily integrate Deltek PIM with third-party applications so your teams can streamline processes and decrease manual data entry.

Benefit from Customer-Requested Enhancements from the Deltek Idea Portal

In this release, several of the usability enhancements came directly from the Deltek Idea Portal rom users like you sharing ideas and voting for other user ideas. This feedback goes directly to the Deltek PIM product management team for review. Thank you to our users for their input and keep the ideas coming.

Here are a few of the customer-requested enhancements included in this release:

  • Find project files faster on the mobile app with better filters
  • Better manage tasks with the new action management dashboard for system administrators
  • Gain better insight into how users are engaging Deltek PIM with stacked columns in the system usage chart
  • And more!

Learn More about the Deltek PIM 23.0 Release

As you can see, the latest release is full of exciting new features and powerful enhancements to make accessing and managing documents easier. To learn more, register for the Q4 Deltek PIM Customer Town Hall webinar in your region where the product team will provide demonstrations of these features and more. You can also review the Deltek PIM 23.0 release notes for more details.


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Watch the Q4 2023 Town Hall for a deep dive demonstration into all PIM 23.0 Features.

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